Silagra functions upon erotic disorder in a well organized mode. Silagra pill smoothly rubs out impotence from men’s life by delivering men sexual organ with enough blood supply. This PDE5 inhibitor is one of the fantastic solutions for men facing ED related worries in life. Any men regardless of age suffering through erection failure issues can have this impressive pill. Online Silagra is made up of a lavish source of Sildenafil Citrate. Men can sustain rock-hard erection for 5-6 hours, which means they can take pleasure from love making sessions to an enormous degree. No wonder it is protected and assured anti ED drug. Silagra is acknowledged oral drug and needs complete sexual enthusiasm from men side for acquiring erections. At the same time always remember cheap Silagra is not an aphrodisiac.

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Silagra 50mg

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Silagra 100mg

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16 Pills $40.00
48 Pills + 4 Pills Free $96.00
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Dosing Rules

The success of Silagra therapy is just impossible without gulping down accurate dosage. Appropriate dosage is definitely underlying. The most ubiquitous dosage of the Silagra medication is 100 mg. Health care provider initiate the therapy with this dose and afterword relying on the development of therapy make variations in the dose. Frequently doctors suggest guzzle single pill of Silagra in a day. They also inform you that not to ingest more than one tablet. For hurried softening of the drug in the blood, have it with water itself. At the same time, remember the Silagra tablet must be sip as a whole. Neither break nor chew it. Intake of Silagra is compulsory to be done 50 minutes before the deep penetration. Sildenafil takes its adequate time for demonstrating the outcomes. It would be well again if stomach is kept unfilled or light while gulping down the drug. Keep in mind the drug does not furnish speedy results on heavy stomach. There is not such hard and fast safety measure to have Silagra everyday. Go for it only when desire to engage in physical intimacy. Consuming the drug more than recommended enhances danger of negative consequences. Therefore, always prefer Silagra in the exact proportion.

Adverce Consequences

Headache, red facial skin, giddiness, indigestion, nasal congestion, color vision inadequacy, blurry vision, trembling and vomiting are mainly noticed with Silagra. Men suffer through these signals in the commencement. Since these adverse consequences are not extremely grave, so guys are thought to stay cool. Arrival of these side effects relies on flexibility of the body to the medication. Once the body and the medication turn into comfortable with each other these signs never come about in any way. These harmless side effects never reside for longer period. But, in case if they do not vanish sooner then men should check with a doctor first. Some unnecessary side effects also might be experienced. They are unusual but tremendously dicey to overall health. Breathing difficulties, skin rashes, variations in blood pressure, hives, pain in chest, heart attack, fast heartbeat, long term penis erection, etc are some life threatening experiences. Men should seek at once medical support on happening of such harmful side effects. Emergence of these ill effects is always not just because of the Silagra medication. A medical evaluation can only determine the root cause.

Storage Information

While storing Silagra render main concern to the temperature. The Silagra medicine is extremely scrupulous about the precise temperature around it. Nothing is paramount than room temperature for the drug. Make a point that room temperature does not go ahead of 30 degree Celsius and is surely less than 15 degree Celsius. Excessive temperature is undeniably destructive for it. Air tight box is an amazing place for Silagra. This container guards the medication from gases discover in the atmosphere and have proclivity of responding with the medication. Keep the container in murky and chill place without fail. Sanitation is fundamental near the medication forever. On freezing this potent pill gets ruined, hence obviate refrigerating it. Moist, humid, light and tepid places affect Silagra 100mg medicine negatively. Hence, it is necessary to guard the drug from such atmosphere. For the equivalent reason never store the medication in kitchen and bathroom as these unusual places are mostly humid. It is mandatory to keep the medication away from children and women as it is not design for their utilize. On cessation the Silagra medication significantly requires correct discarding.

Pecautionary Measures

If your body is sensitive to Silagra’s chief ingredient Sildenafil, then the medication must not be utilized at all. Similarly, evade nitrate as well with this anti-impotence pill. Since mixture of them stimulate upheaval in the body. Furthermore, it is also suggested that alcohol must also be quitted when on this particular medicine therapy. Besides, shun grapefruit as well as grapefruit juice. After sipping Silagra, impotent men are advised not to indulge in any kind of work. The basic reason behind this is the Silagra medicine induces minor lightheadedness after intake. For ensuring appropriate functioning of the medication fend off fatty meal before or after having Silagra. Consumption of the Silagra medicine may prove risky if already confronting health ailments like heart disorders, hypertension, sickle cell anemia etc. This is because men are advised to opt the drug on proper physician consultation only. Everyday intake of Silagra makes men habitual to it, therefore forbid constant consumption of the drug. This medication must not be utilized by adolescents, women and children.

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