Innumerable factors are responsible for happening lethal circumstance name male impotence. Most of the time therapies are alienated relying on the root of the issue. But, Kamagra online  is of special kind. This drug cures erotic turmoil no matter what reason is. This is one unique aspect of the drug. Cheap Kamagra comprises Sildenafil citrate, as the chief element. Sildenafil is proficient in enabling men fit for copulation for elongated time. Men achieve hardness simply in 45 minutes of gulping down the drug. Both adolescents and elderly men can take pleasure from Kamagra advantages. One tablet of Kamagra works marvelous in getting over ED linked suspicions. No difficulties arise if you swig drug anytime but just ensure you have appropriate prescription with you.

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Kamagra 100mg

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No of Units Price  
48 Pills + 4 Pills Free $110.00
69 Pills + 4 Pills Free $148.00
192 Pills + 8 Pills Free $307.00
392 Pills + 12 Pills Free $490.00
496 Pills + 20 Pills Free $545.00

Dosage Information

Kamagra exhibits fabulous results when men’s body obtains dosage in the accurate proportion. Intake of less of more dose than prescribed amount can be unhelpful or will demonstrate no consequences. 100 mg Kamagra online is largely advised dose in the beginning. The dose in future can be either elevate or lessen considering the outcomes. Health experts suggest sip single pill once in a day. Dangerous effects are noticed on swallowing the excess dose in a day. Kamagra tablet melts straight away in the blood when guzzled using water. Apart from water, do not utilize any other solvent for ingesting the drug. The drug intake must be done one hour prior the foreplay for observing admirable results. It is crucial to have the tablet as a whole. No matter what time you gulp down Kamagra.

Adverse Effects

Uncommon adverse effects of Kamagra 100mg include chest pain, respiration problems, coronary failures, and hypertension. These signs are not often observed by impotent men. Mostly, they are come about owing to inappropriate dosage. Confronting tautness in the penile region for long hours is also an unusual symptom. Men should not undergo these life-threatening effects to a large extent. On occurrences of them immediately rush to a doctor for the checkup. An impediment to treatment can prove precarious for health. Conversely, some general side effects are also confronted by men after having the drug. Pain in head, diarrhea, backache, muscle ache, runny nose, faintness, red facial skin, etc. These indications subsist for two to three hours only. As soon body turns into Kamagra, these signs do not recur. This usual side effect does not want any sort of therapy. But, if these less grave ill effects reside for more than 7-8 hours, then it becomes essential to take on treatment.

Storage Instructions

Kamagra tablets are incapable to stand the existence of warmth, luminosity, and wetness around them. Heat softens the tablets, light make hit on their potency and wetness affects their nature. Room temperature plays a leading role in keeping drug safe. The temperature varies between 15-30 degree Celsius is proper for the drug. Online Kamagra is known for imprudent penchant. For this purpose, stock up the drug in airtight pot merely. This pot blocks the route of gas in and out of the pot; this is because superior for defending the drug. The drug should not keep in mud and grime. A sparkling and soil free surrounding are mandatory for storage of the drug. Keep the medicine in the murky area. Kitchen and bathroom are not correct places to store the medication because their temperature devastates it badly. Keep Kamagra far away from women and children. The tablets that have turned into expired must not be kept at the residence. Discard them first. These storage instructions will offer extended life to your drug Kamagra.   

Safety Measures

Fatalities of ED should not consume Kamagra, if sensitive to Sildenafil citrate or to any other phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Men responsive to PDE5 inhibitors are not entitled to consumption of the medication as a result of health wellbeing reasons.   Blurry vision and faintness are highly experienced after the ingestion of cheap Kamagra. Therefore, men are informed not to carry out any physical or mental work. Elderly men who are from the age group of over 65 years are requested to have Kamagra after discussing with medical expert only. Men with ED who are taking on this therapy should shun alcohol as it retards the treatment and also enhances the threat of certain side effects. Unhealthful food also requires being evaded because it disrupts drug effects. Impotent men suffering through health ailments such as kidney related issues, liver troubles, high blood pressure etc should have the medicine on meeting with healthcare professional only. Women and children have disallowed the utilization of Kamagra. Also, do not have the drug in surplus amount. Excess dose gives rise to detrimental side effects. The Anti-ED drug should not be consumed by men preferring nitrate of any sort. Deadly side effects are takes place on ignoring the suggestion. There is no such specific necessity to turn it consistent to Kamagra. It would be fine if utilize it at the optimal level.

What is Kamagra famously known for?

Kamagra is actually known to treat the erectile dysfunction in men which is a problem of allowing an erection to happen. This kamagra pills work similar to viagra as it contains the same active ingredient that is Sildenafil citrate in it and its work mechanism is also the same as viagra. So in places where the use of Kamagra is not legal men can choose the alternative as viagra.

How does kamagra function?

Kamagra is an element that falls into the category of PDE inhibitors and it works by increasing the blood flow to the penis that leads to an erection. This kamagra pill stimulates the release of nitric acid which higher the level of cGMP enzymes. These enzymes, in turn, relax the blood vessels of the penile area that streams up the blood to the penis and gets it erected. So the main work of this pill is to reduce the work of PDE5 enzymes so that this, in turn, stops lowering down the cGMP enzymes.

What is the main difference between kamagra and the viagra?

Kamagra and viagra come from the same basic ingredient that is Sildenafil citrate. In fact, the potency present in the kamagra pill is same as that of viagra. The only difference is that these pills are manufactured by different manufacturers.  The kamagra pill is not licensed to be sold in the UK or in Britain and this is neither sold through online methods. But you need to be aware before you buy kamagra as few online sites deal with the fake products of kamagra that does not contain the same key ingredient as viagra or contain in the lesser strength than given.  So you have to purchase kamagra from the most trusted site that assures you about the perfect ingredient.

How to take the kamagra doses?

The dose of kamagra pills is supposed to be taken an hour before you plan to start with your orgasm. This pill if taken from the trusted online pharmacy then it will start working within an hour of taking the pill. You need to take a single pill with the glass of water orally. The pills are supposed to be taken as a whole and not powdered or crushed or taken in halves. If you do not take this pill as directed then the efficacy of this pill may fall and it may not work according to the prescribed method. You should take this pill without the meal as the work of the pill slows down if it is taken with a meal.

How long is the effect of kamagra?

The kamagra pill remains in your body for 4 hours continuously but if it does not give an erection for so long. It will give an erection in30 minutes to 60 minutes but if you do not get any erection within this time period then you should not start increasing the doses of this pill on your own rather you should consult the doctor before you change the prescribed doses of this medication.

What if a dose of kamagra is missed or overdosed?

The kamagra dose cannot be missed as this isn’t a pill that is supposed to be taken daily; this pill is only taken before the start of the planned orgasm so there are no chances of missing any pill, there are also no chances of overdosing the pill because you are supposed to take only one pill at a time before the commencement of your act.

What are the various situations when kamagra should not be used?

  • Do not take this pill if you are taking any nitrates for treating angina, ketoconazole for treating fungal infection, Ritonavir for HIV, alpha blockers or amlodipine for blood pressure.
  • You should not take this pill if you are suffering from any problem of abnormal blood pressure which keeps fluctuating from low to high.
  • If you are suffering from any liver disease or any kidney disease or any cardiovascular problems where this pill is not suggested for your use then you should not take this pill.
  • If you are having any eye disorder like the problem of optic neuropathy then you should not take this kamagra pill.

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