Refund Policy is a long, decisive step for total customer pleasure and treatment. In fact, the pharmacy is known to have certain policies which support clients to stay stress free while shopping. In an untoward occasion, when a customer wishes reimbursement, then he/she is free to claim for compensation. However, there are certain stipulations and provisions for repayment. Also one can inquire for reimbursement in case you obtain the package in fiddle or spoiled condition.

  • Return Policy: If you come about to acquire an incorrect order or meddle drug, then we can reship devoid of any charging any cost.
  • Annulment: No issues if you rescind your order in 24 hours after ordering the same furnished until we have not ship the package.

How Do I Inquire For A Repayment?

It is not very complicated thing to do

  • Initially, you must discuss with our customer support executive though email or phone and check for a reimbursement or place your repayment request. 
  • Without fail state the order number and purpose for order annulment in the reimbursement request.

For any sort of help you are free to talk with your customer support team.