Privacy Policy

We have planned our privacy policy in regard to the well being and excellent good of our patrons. The chief target of our privacy policy is to look after all personal information of every purchaser who shops at

Complete details of our privacy policy are listed below:-

  • Disallows Marketing Calls or Emails: We totally support and worth the time of all our clientele. Hence, we never favor redundant/bothersome marketing calls. In addition, never shoot marketing emails to our clients. We just give preference to send emails in regards to the purchases only and nothing else. Most often promotional emails (newsletters) are just send to those consumers who subscribe for the same.      
  • Forbids Interference with Confidentiality: As we just give main concern in preserving paramount business beliefs and principles, we provide additional vigilance when it comes to secrecy. We keep your personal data like credit card details, contact numbers, name, address etc. secured as we never reveal or share it with third party whatever. We make usage of information furnished by clients only to practice the order and nothing else. Moreover do not take any kind of tension while sharing your personal information with us, as the site is set and developed concerning advanced precautions to elude frauds.
  • Zero Spamming: Along with disclosing personal data to any third party, we are also against of zero spamming.
  • Copyrights: Also logos, content, images presented on the website are the property of only. Plus, they are not copied from any other site. Mostly one need offering a written application for usage of any of the logo, image or content from the website. No doubt all trademarks as well as copyrights are authorized and any unrecognized use is firmly forbidden. For any sort of aid, without hesitating contact your customer support team.