Guarantee policy

We, at, give assurance to our consumers about the quality of medication that they receive from us, will be outstanding in quality. In order to be extremely user-friendly with our well-known customers, we furnish them 100 percent guarantee money back below following instances.  

  • The conditions wherein the products purchased by them are faulty or dented when client receive the same.   
  • If the consumer does not receive the mentioned proportion of drugs from our side.
  • If they receive some different products from wheat they ordered. No doubt, this happens in rare instances. However, if such situation comes about then you no need to return the erroneous medication. In its place, fresh ordered medications will be dispatched to you at low price.
  • If you wish to revoke the product, you can rescind it in 24 hours of placing an order and no need to worry about money as it will return to you in just 30 days, offered the medicines are not delivered from our side.
  • In a situation wherein you do not get products owing to mistakes in shipping address from our side, you will get your money back. Nevertheless, if you offer incorrect data for the mailing address, then you will be charge for the medication if you desire to purchase again.