Using meds or different treatments to manage Impotence

Having Impotence or Erectile dysfunction seems to be easy, but it’s not. There are several men diagnosed with Erectile dysfunction and hence, online Generic Levitra has made it easy for men to deal with Impotence. Treating any disorder like the initial stage helps to get the disorder managed. Well, not only medicaments but few options and available treatments allow men to have a smoother erection and engage in sexual sessions.

Different options and treatments


There is a number of medications such as Generic Viagra and Cialis and those are the first-line treatment. About 80% of men can experience successful results after using those treatments. These medications are FDA approved and work by increasing the blood flow to have an erection. Though there are few withdrawal impacts, men are recommended with these first-line treatments to get the Impotence managed without letting the partner know.

Vacuum pumps

If you’re fed up with using any drugs, the vacuum pump method is the best choice that you can use. Direction is created with the help of a plastic cylinder over the penis. There is a pump that pumps out the air out of the cylinder to increase the blood flow in the penis. The last ring that is in the base of the penis is responsible for holding an erection. Be careful while using those vacuum pumps as they have to be removed after 30 minutes and few side effects can be considered.

Sex therapy

It’s an important segment and can be used while you have any other sexual disorder too. The meds do help to create the blood flow in the penis, but that action is blocked due to fear or anxiety.

Such types of issues can be sorted only after having a talk. Usually while performing in bed men do have to deal with performance anxiety, stress depression, and forced relationships. Sex therapy along with individual therapy or any drug treatment helps men to achieve an erection again.

Male hormone therapy

One of the reasons behind having Impotence is low testosterone. Hence, improving testosterone is one of the best options. Improving male hormones is not an approved treatment. This treatment is usually used to increase the desire in men, but this is not likely to improve the blood flow to have an erection.

Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are the one that allows managing Impotence smoothly. The herbal supplements such as saw palmetto, Biloba, and Yohimbe are used as sexual enhancers and those supplements allow to treatment of the Impotence. Well, those are not approved by the FDA, yet you can consider using them only after having a discussion with your doctor.

Surgical implants

When your issue has reached a peak, seeking implants is only the right treatment. If you have some issue such as a spinal cord issue or neurological disorder, and ED remedies that are first go aid doesn’t work for you, these implants work well for you. You simply need to talk about surgical implants with your doctor to manage Impotence. 

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