Know the types of prostate infection that affect men

When it comes to performing well in bed there are millions of things that are to be considered and one needs to take care of few things for the same. Erectile dysfunction is one such disorder that affects the sexual closeness in men and hence the remedies such as online Kamagra Oral jelly are recommended to get the disorder well managed. Thousands of remedies are used to improve the condition in men, but certain disorder doesn’t allow men to get those disorders treated unless the underlying conditions are managed well.

Men having impotence are likely to have a prostate infection and this can be well managed only if, you get it diagnosed first and seek the right treatment. A prostate infection usually occurs in men when the prostate and the surrounding become inflamed. The prostate begins to grow and take the size of a walnut. Usually, the prostate is between your bladder and the base of the penis. There are several things that affect the prostate and men do end up having certain infections

Types of prostatitis

There are four types of prostatitis and one needs to have atleast a brief idea about it.

Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis

This is a prostate wherein the prostate is inflamed but no symptoms can be experienced. Usually, such a type of disorder can only be known after diagnosing the problem.

Chronic bacterial prostatitis

For men with chronic bacterial prostatitis, symptoms are less intense and only develop after years. Such types of disorders are only to occur in young men or middle-aged men. Sometimes this results in urinary tract infections.

Acute bacterial prostatitis

This is a rare type of disorder and only lasts in men for a shorter period. Sometimes this disorder proves to be life-threatening if treatment is not done. This type of prostatitis easily gets diagnosed.

Chronic prostatitis

This condition is also known as a chronic pelvic syndrome and causes pain and discomfort around the pelvic and the groin. This occurs in men at all ages and should be treated under the supervision of a health care provider.

How does health care assisted diagnose Prostate infection?

Usually, a prostate infection is diagnosed only on the basis of your medical history, medical tests, and a physical exam.

During a physical exam, the health care provider conducts a digital rectal exam and this helps to know about your prostate. 

Below mentioned are the conditions that health care providers check for.
  • Swollen or tender scrotum
  • Discharge
  • Enlarged or tender lymph nodes around or in the groin

Your health care assister also might ask you about the symptoms such as recent UTI and supplements that you use. Some other test that helps you get your disorder diagnoses and seek a right treatment include,

  1. Urodynamic tests, to check the urethra store urine inside the urethra
  2. Prostate biopsy or a blood test that helps to know about prostate-specific antigen
  3. Urinalysis or semen analysis to know about any infection.

Clearing up prostatitis with the right treatment is possible but at the right time. Several treatments are depending upon several conditions and this can be known only after you check once with your health care provider.

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