The link between sleep apnea and libido

The importance of a sexual life can be known only when you end up facing a problem with an erection. Well, most men do have overconfidence that they can keep performing well in bed for a long. This overconfidence can be answered when age begins to answer. After a certain age, Impotence is experienced by every man, some experience late while some too early. If you have Impotence, you can order online Kamagra Oral Jelly tablets and get the disorder managed but only after knowing the right cause behind Impotence.

Well, one of the causes behind not having a smooth erection is sleep. A lot of men have sleep apnea and this affects their libido due to which engaging in sexual intimacy is not possible. Your body requires time to rejuvenate and this can happen only due to better sleep. Sleep apnea affects a wider population and it increases the risk of having a various disorder. 

People having sleep apnea might experience daytime fatigue, snoring and morning headaches that restrict them from performing the next day's activities.

It is necessary that you must get your sleep apnea treated first to get your libido in place. Before you just to treating any disorder, know what causes it, and then choose a reliable remedy that helps to treat the disorder.

Effect of sleep apnea on sexual life

Your sexual health helps one know how your overall health is performing. A man who is active, and can have a healthy sex life has overall good health. Hence, men having sleep apnea can have a dropped libido that causes Impotence. 

Another important part of your sexual life is your partner and unless you treat your sleep apnea, achieving a smooth erection is not possible. You need to talk about the strained relationship, lower quality of overall life, and relationship dissatisfaction that helps you know that affects your sexual drive. Hence, whether you have sleep apnea or Impotence, simply choose to talk to your partner and get these complications sorted.

Sleep apnea helps to improve conditions

The best way to have improved sleep apnea, you need to get the help of a continuous positive airway pressure device. Your health care provider suggests the right therapy that helps to maintain the pressure in the airways and prevents you from having disturbed sleep. Some of the positive effects of CPAP are the patient might experience improved erectile dysfunction, sexual behavior, relationship with a romantic partner, and libido. Infact, most men do experience an improvement in sexual function and sexual satisfaction after the treatment of sleep apnea.


Well, treating sleep apnea is one thing and having libido due to sleep apnea makes a man deal with Impotence. Low libido is common in sleep apnea patients and is common. Sleep apnea does have an impact on testosterone level and this causes less sexual drive. Sleep deprivation and lack of sleep are something that causes of lower libido. Sleep apnea makes you wake up at various times during the night and this indirectly has an effect on the libido and sexual life of the couple.

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