Know the available medicament options to treat Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is one of the disturbing disorders that can be experienced by any person. Not only men, women too have this disorder. Having such a disorder makes a person feel they cannot indulge in sexual intimacy anymore. The medical field is booming due to the various researches and having an erection today is no more a problem. Be it men or women having an erection with the help of medicaments is the best option. 

Below mentioned is a list of options that are available and can help to get back erection:

Generic Viagra

The most known medicament that is used by men to get back sexual life on track is Generic Viagra. This is the trusted and approved medicament and men rely on this med for ages. The Sildenafil citrate in this medicament is the key element helping men get back erection and bring back love life on track. The basic dose of this blue pill starts from 50mg and can be decreased to 25mg and increased to 50mg to get the erection. 


If you are aware of Generic Viagra then you must be known to Kamagra. After Generic Viagra one of the most selling remedies for ED is Kamagra. The male enhancer tablets are used orally with a glass of water and on an empty stomach to get effective results. This tablet too contains a similar element that most of the ED medicaments contain.


Caverta like other meds too has the same element and works against the PDE5 enzymes. The PDE5 enzymes are being blocked with the help of the Caverta and the nitric oxide is released in the body to stimulate the cGMP enzymes and get back the erection. This medicament stays straight 5-6 hours active in the body. Ensure that you avoid fatty food or heavy food if you are having it with food. Men having erection issues can simply order male sexual booster tablets and get back erection on track.


Lovegra is amongst the medicament designed to help women with sexual dysfunction. Like male sexual booster tablets, Lovegra too contains Sildenafil citrate and helps women deal with the orgasm issue. This tablet improves the blood flow towards the genitals of the women and improves the excitement level in the body to have sexual intimacy.


Penegra too contains Sildenafil citrate and helps men get an erection to indulge in sexual intimacy. Men are recommended to strictly use these medicaments only after checking the medical history to know whether the medicaments can be used or not. Using the Penegra tablet helps to improve the blood function in the body to achieve and sustain an erection.


Silagra has proved to be a blessing for men having Erectile dysfunction. Men can enhance the erection again with the use of Silagra and indulge in smooth sexual intimacy to get back erection. The stimulation is caused due to the nitric oxide present in the tablets. Hence, while you are prescribed the ED meds, ensure that you avoid using any of the nitrate products as it can drop your blood pressure.


Zenegra is also a popular therapy that can help men to get the erection back. Using this stimulant tablet helps men to achieve an erection without any problem. Senior men too can make use of the medicaments only if they are prescribed to do so.

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