How to know whether you’ve advanced symptoms of prostate cancer or not?

Whenever one does land in any problem, a particular disorder is linked to another disorder and requires medical help. Similarly, men having prostate cancer is likely to have erection disorder. While Impotence can be well treated with the medicaments such as online Kamagra Oral Jelly, the disorder such as prostate cancer need a proper treatment that helps to get the disorder treated effectively. Hence a man having issues with erection is always recommended to check for prostate cancer. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer need to look into that they do know a few advanced symptoms too. 

In the early stage, the symptom of prostate cancer are not much more noticeable, and hence choosing to learn about the advanced symptoms is also necessary. Some of the symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored includes

Bladder and urinary issues

A prostate tumor grows in size and it might press your bladder and urethra. The urethra is a passage that carries urine from the bladder. If the tumor is present, then there is pressure on the urethra and passing urine becomes another task. One of the common places where the prostate might spread too much includes bladders. 

Some of the reasons that affect by cancer to your bladder and urethra include

  • Not being able to hold the urine
  • Having blood in urine or semen
  • Urinating frequently
  • Feeling like urinating bit unable to pass anything
  • Getting up frequently at night to pee

Soreness in groin

The lymph nodes in the body are networks that filter the fluids and helps to fight infection. When prostate cancer spreads, the cancer cells reach till your lymph nodes and moves towards the body area.

The prostate is close to the lymph due to which the lymph gets affected first and becomes unable to drain the fluids due to which the swelling occurs and pain and soreness can be experienced.

Hip or back pain

The most common area for prostate cancer spread is your bones mostly in your hips and spine. When cancer reaches the bones, they’re likely to get brittle and your bone is likely to get hurt or broke easily. Having painful bones often requires treatment. Some patients also complain about stabbing pain that makes it difficult to sleep or perform regular activities.

Back pain is a sign of cancer as well as cancer spreading in the bones of the spinal cord. Some men do end up having so much pain that they find it hard to do their work with the spinal cord. This requires proper treatment.

Unexplained weight loss

Losing weight or shedding weight without eating less or doing any activity indicates that you have advanced prostate cancer. This can be combined with other symptoms mentioned in this blog to seek the right treatment.

Coughing or feeling out of breath

If you have prostate cancer then the advanced symptom such as feeling trouble breathing can be experienced and this means cancer has spread in your lungs. You are likely to have a cough and this doesn’t go away and one might cough blood or find it uneasy to breathe.

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