How to improve the dopamine in the body?

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Well, not only certain things, but various things affect erection in men.

They should be taken care of properly. Well, one such thing that matters the most is dopamine.

Dopamine is something that can affect your erection and the fluctuation in dopamine might affect your health and not only erection. This is a chemical messenger in the brain and has various functions.

Every body’s function right from memory, regulating movements, rewards, and motivation is controlled by dopamine.

Well, the decline in dopamine and sexual intimacy is linked and hence, one needs to look after the things that help to increase dopamine in the body.

Some of the foodstuffs that you can consider includes,

Consume less saturated fats

Some foods are rich in saturated fats and hence one needs to look after that they do limit the consumption of saturated fats. Some of the saturated fats can be seen in butter, full-fat dairy, animal fats, and coconut oil. Consumption of saturated fats makes it difficult for your body to function smoothly. Also, saturated fats are the one that causes inflammation in the body. Avery small bit causes change and affects dopamine levels in the body.

Exercise often

This is a key to keep your dopamine in control and this helps to improve your mood too. Even performing 10 minutes of aerobic can help you charge up and increases the release of dopamine in the body. Also, performing a few exercises do help to regulate dopamine receptor and helps your brain function smoothly.

Listen to music

Well, listening to music is something that calms your brain and helps to release dopamine in the brain. Several brain imaging studies prove that listening to music increases the pleasure area in the brain and is rich with dopamine receptors.

Also, studies prove that music increases 9% dopamine level in the brain and helps you feel relaxed due to which stimulating enough dopamine becomes possible. Hence, try to listen to some soothing music that calms you down. 

Let your body rest

Well, increasing dopamine easily is not possible and hence, you need to have an adequate amount of sleep. When an adequate amount of sleep is released, alertness and wakefulness are initiated and this helps you wake up at the right time and fall asleep at the right time. It is not recommended to have too much dopamine or too minimum dopamine.

Both these situations have a negative impact on the health of a person.


Clearing your mind is necessary and this can be done only via meditating. This helps you relax and get stress-free due to which having an improved dopamine level helps you feel good and get engaged in sexual sessions.

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