How are low testosterone and Impotence linked?

It is very easy for normal people to say Impotence or erectile dysfunction is easy to manage. Well, it is not, men have to go through a lot of issues. Men who end up having an Impotence need to know there are so many things that might become difficult. Though erection can be well treated with the remedies such as online Kamagra tablets, you need to know a few other things. 

Impotence in men can occur due to low testosterone and this does affect your erection too much.

It’s not only erection getting affected, but also some other factors such as sexual drive and reduced bone mass are the results.

It is very important that one does know the functions of hormones and include

Production of sperms

The deep voice of a person, hair growth, and the factors that affect the appearance of a person

The development of muscles and bones

Depending upon the production of testosterone, the age of a person slows down or gets older. Usually, men having high testosterone are likely to get older slow as compared to the ones who have low testosterone.

Symptoms that indicate low testosterone in men

Reduced bone mass

Testosterone is the one that helps to produce bone tissue and bone volume can be well maintained due to it. As soon as the testosterone falls, this causes a reduction in the volume, and men are more likely to get fractures easily. Hence, look into that your testosterones are not affected due to any activity

Low sexual drive

Men who end up having low testosterone are likely to have less sexual drive. The reduction in sexual drive can happen due to age, but low testosterone is a significant reason.

A diminishing sexual drive is common with age, but when low testosterone is a reason, the changes observed can be drastic.

Increase in body fat

One of the reasons behind having a low sexual drive or libido is an increase in body fat. The deficiency of hormones causes gynecomastia and this has an effect on the body parts due to which the effect on the libido can be experienced. Men need to ensure that they do maintain good health and this helps them manage their overall sexual health too.

Decrease in energy

Well, when you lack energy, performing any activity is not possible. Also, to indulge in sexual activity or have a good sexual drive, it is necessary that you do have enough energy. Low testosterone affects your level of energy and causes fatigue. A person might feel tired even after resting for a longer period. Even the interest in any activity diminishes that shows an effect on the sexual life too.

Difficulty sleeping

Well, men having Impotence is linked with a sleep disorder, and also this is true. Having an insufficient amount of sleep is something that helps your body relax and this is something that helps your body rejuvenate well.

If you’ve sleeping issues, sleep apnea is common in humans, and in men it's more common. Hence, if you experience an issue with sexual drive, simply get your apnea treated first.

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