Does Impotence occur as per your age?

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects the erection in men. This is a condition that affects the reproductive health and sexual health of men. This is a common condition and has a very emotional and sensitive side. Men usually do not discuss about this disorder as they think people might end up questioning masculinity. Well, if this bothers you then you can simply buy Kamagra tablets and this helps men to have a smoother erection without causing many complications.

Achieving an erection is complex, but it looks simple. The process requires the involvement of every part of the body right from the nerves, muscles, blood circulation, and hormones. If even one body part doesn’t work in sync then men are likely to face problems achieving an erection. There are cases wherein the condition goes worse and some other underlying conditions might affect the health of men.

How common is Impotence in men?

In men up to the age of 40 years, 5 percent of men are likely to get affected. As the age proceeds, men proceeding towards 70 years, 15 percent of men are likely to get affected by this disorder.

Approximate half of men are likely to get affected once they hit 50 or 60. As men age, stimulation and erections become another task and give a problem to men.

Components of male sexual function

There are three essential components or factors that affect male sexual function

  1. Ejaculation and climax
  2. Ability to obtain or sustain an erection
  3. Interest or desire to engage in sexual intimacy

Causes of Impotence

Well, when you have Impotence knowing the actual cause can help you know what sort of help do you need.

Men those who end up having psychological disorder are affected due to drug abuse, fatigue, smoking, anxiety, and poor communication. Some men are likely to get affected due to physical or organic causes and include the disorders such as hormonal disorders, certain medicaments, spinal cord injury, injury to the penis, and many other disorders such as diabetes and blood pressure too. 

Preventing Impotence

Several steps can be taken and this helps men to reduce the risk of Impotence including,

  • Discontinuing drugs that cause negative effects on your health
  • Getting help for depression and anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise regularly
  • Quit smoking
  • Limit the consumption of liquor

Treating Impotence

There are several ways that can help you get impotence treated and one needs to first diagnose the disorder and then seek medical help. Well, you can choose any remedies, but only after you consult a health care provider.

Your health care provider suggests you anything from below mentioned options such as

  1. Penile implants
  2. Hormone replacement therapy
  3. Medication (injectable and oral)
  4. Vacuum erection devices

The remedies should be chosen only after consulting a health care provider as this is one of the most suggested manners.

Is there any prescribed age when men do end up having these issues?

Men having Impotence are recommended with Kamagra tablets and this should be done only after seeking help from the health care provider. Men don’t have impotence at any specific age. Depending upon physical and psychological disorder men are likely to have Impotence and this should be treated only after consulting a health care provider.

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