Which tests would help to diagnose Temporary Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction is a common male dysfunction that is experienced with increasing age. Men with such disorders need to know how Impotence affects the health of men. Men with Impotence need to know whether the disorder has a short-term effect or long-term effect. When the disorder is caused due to chronic illness or medical conditions, Impotence gets chronic. The disorder can be temporary, but one needs to know whether to use online Generic Cialis or not.

Impotence is not only a single type, one needs to know the types of disorder and diagnose that affects the health of men.

Short-term ED

Occasionally having a problem with erection is not always a concern. Several reasons cause Temporary erection issues in men. Smoking, stress, and metabolic syndrome are some of the causes that result in temporary Impotence, and it becomes necessary that one does work on the causes that result in Temporary erection.

The diagnosis that helps you know whether you have erection issues or not

Experiencing occasional Impotence is normal, and this doesn’t disrupt the sexual life of couples much. The best way to know the underlying condition is to talk to your health care provider. The health care provider asks you a few questions, and you just have to answer the question and get your queries sorted.

For men who wake up with a morning erection, the reason is psychological as compared to physical. Sometimes, you’re recommended to have some blood tests and physical exam to know whether there is nerve damage or some other condition.

Self-Report test

There are a variety of self-report measures that can be chosen to know how your body performs. The measures are taken and the tests are conducted at home or in a private room at the doctor’s clinic. The most known and commonly used test is the International Index of erectile functions, and this single test accesses 15 various things such as orgasmic function, Intercourse satisfaction, sexual desire, and other overall satisfaction queries get sorted.

Neurological tests

Urologists and neurologists must work together to know the exact cause of Erectile dysfunction.

Neurologic testing conducted for ED helps to uncover neurologic disorder and know whether it is caused by nerve damage or not. To know it in more detail certain categorized tests are conducted and includes:

Color Doppler Ultrasound

This is a harmless, and non-invasive sound wave test that produces portraits of the penile arteries and enables one to know whether the arteries function properly or not.

Combined Intracavernous Injection and Stimulation Test

This is one of the simplest and most common tests that evaluate and diagnose the disorder. It usually includes manual or visual stimulation, penile injection, and subsequent erection.

Pharmacologic Cavernosmetry and Cavernosography

These tests are performed to know penile veins and identify the vein leakages.

Psychological evaluation

Several times there are conditions that occur due to psychological conditions. Temporary ED too can occur due to psychological conditions such as performance anxiety. A lot of time, the disorder occurs due to strained relationships, mental health, and lack of arousal.

If the reason behind Impotence is a psychological disorder, then you’re guided to seek help from a psychologist and get the problem sorted.

The mentioned tests are minimal, but they work effectively and help men to know whether the disorder is temporary or permanent.

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