Serious health conditions that are linked to erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction as mentioned is considered to be the disorder that affects the sexual life of the couples. This disorder makes it difficult for couples having an enjoyable sexual life. Hence men those who have erectile dysfunction are asked that they have never ignored this disorder and seek remedies such as online Kamagra oral jelly and get the disorder treated in an effective manner. Men not only need to worry about erectile dysfunction but also need to worry about the disorder which may occur or contribute due to erectile dysfunction.

Below mentioned are the disorder that is linked to Impotence:

Stroke/ heart attack

ED is considered to be one of the signs that indicate the blockage in the arteries and such a situation can even lead to heart stroke. Also, as per the reports, it is said that men are likely to have a heart attack or stroke after 7 years of having erectile dysfunction. There is a relationship between erectile dysfunction and heart attack as these arteries in the body are blocked there are chances that the damage may get caused to the other parts of the body.

Coronary artery disorder

CAD or Coronary artery disorder is a condition in which cholesterol and plaque get collected in the arteries and this causes them to become stiff and narrow and this is the actual reason behind men having heart disorder. Also, as per the studies, it is considered that having ED before the age of 45 creates a major risk of having CAD. CAD is capable to cause stroke and heart attack as well this can also lead to conditions such as heart failure and irregular heartbeats.


As per the researchers, diabetes does have a devastating impact on the health of men. Diabetes not only affects the blood flow, but also does have an effect on the nerves. Men who have diabetes are more likely to have a disorder such as Impotence and also this disorder leads to strokes and heart attacks.


As per the studies men are likely to develop dementia if they do have Impotence. As per the studies, erectile dysfunction and dementia don’t actually prove that they are interlinked but certain risk factors such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and elevated cholesterol are similar.

Prostate cancer

This is a tricky one as there are no such signs which prove that prostate cancer causes erectile dysfunction. Instead, the treatment which is used to treat Prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction in men. The treatment for Prostate cancer is done with the help of surgery and radiation and while this cancer is removed the nerves get injured and result in erectile dysfunction.

Liver disorder

The person who does have more severe liver disorder is at more risk of having seriousness of erectile dysfunction. The patients who are diagnosed with liver disorder have elevated SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) and the less albumin, the worse things get and decrease the testosterone in the body.

Hence men are asked that they have never ignored the disorder such as erectile dysfunction.

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