Is it possible to treat kidney stones with natural remedies?

Just meet the people and you can experience new types of them, meet the doctors and you come across various causes behind your disorder. Millions of men do have Impotence and one of the reasons behind Impotence is prostate cancer and it is occasionally instigated due to kidney stones too. When the disorders are linked to each other using remedies such as Generic Cialis online might not help you. To get your erection treated, getting prostate cancer treated is need and to get it treated, you need to know the causes of prostate cancer. Amongst many the possible reason, a kidney stone is one such malady that can be treated with natural remedies. 

If you have an initial stage of kidney stone, then you can choose to opt for the below-given cures:


In a human body, the requirement of minerals and calcium is necessary, but sometimes, the excess is released via urine or sweat. If you do not consume a good amount of water, then this mineral and calcium start to deposit and form granules that further develop into stone. Water is one such element that can help you get the stone flushed out from the body. The consumption of water dilutes the stone and it gets removed.

Apple Cider Vinegar

As everyone knows ACV contains acetic acid and helps the kidney stone to get dissolved. Men recommended using ACV are likely to get the kidney stone diluted and the pain too can get eased.  There are some other benefits of consuming ACV too, but it is necessary that one does dilute this solution and then consume it. 

Wheatgrass juice

This is a power pack juice that contains nutrients and is used to enhance health. Wheatgrass helps to increase the urine flow, which helps to pass the stone in an easy manner. Likewise, it contains some of the nutrients that help to cleanse the kidney. Men having kidney stones can consume at least 2-8 ounces of wheatgrass juice per day. Initially, start with a small quantity to check whether you’re allergic or not to it.

Lemon Juice

When you’re gifted with lemon, make lemonade is what we hear now and then. Then why not try this? Lemons are rich in citrate and this chemical prevents the stone from forming. If the stone is a bit bigger than the citrate breaks up into small stone so that they can flush out from the body. If the stones are of bigger size and you have strong pain, then do seek immediate help.

Pomegranate Juice

One of the beneficial juice with various benefits is pomegranate juice. It not only helps to flush the stones and toxins from your body but works on improving your kidney functions. This drink contains all the antioxidants that keep the kidney healthy and prevents kidney stones. The consumption of this juice reduces the urine’s acidity level that favors reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Some symptoms such as pain in the back or stomach are the ones indicating kidney stones. If you have severe pain, rather than trying the natural remedies, rush to emergency help.

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