Dementia- Know the causes, symptoms, and treatments

Dementia is a disorder that describes the various symptoms of cognitive such as forgetfulness. Dementia is an underlying condition and brain disorder. This is somewhat similar to Alzheimer’s disorder and does affect the impairment in memory, thinking, and communication. People with Impotence can are also likely to have Dementia. Men with Erectile dysfunction need to know that the use of online Kamagra can help to treat the disorder effectively. Sometimes, men with Impotence are likely to have Dementia, and treating both the disorder effectively is necessary. 

Dementia symptoms

Below mentioned are the possible symptoms of Dementia

Problem communicating

Men with such disorders are likely to have problems, forgetting words, or using words. Also, sometimes, it becomes difficult to know the language.

Mood changes

There is a certain period when the mood does change in a patient, and the mood does change constantly. 

Personality changes

The personality changes can also be experienced, and irritable and fearful as a symptom can be experienced. 

Problem with abstract thinking

The thinking ability of the patient does change. The patient also finds it difficult to deal with the monetary calculation. 

Recent memory loss

A lot of men do have a memory loss problem, and this makes them question repeatedly. 

Dementia types

There are several types of dementia and includes:

Mixed dementia

This is a type of disorder wherein Alzheimer’s disorder, and vascular disorder occurs at the same time. 

Alzheimer’s disorder

This is a disorder that is characterized by plaque between the dying cell in the brain and the tangles with the cells. The brain tissue in a person having Alzheimer’s disorder has fewer nerve cells and connections. 

Parkinson’s disorder

This is a disorder that is considered a disorder of movement, but this situation leads to dementia. 

Causes of Dementia

Dementia usually occurs due to neurodegenerative disorder and brain cell death. Dementia does occur due to dead brain cells. Below mentioned are the causes that result in Dementia.


There is a direct relation between post-traumatic dementia and brain cell death that causes injury. 

Vascular dementia

This condition occurs due to brain cell death and can cause conditions such as stroke. This disorder also prevents oxygen flow, and blood circulation in the body. 


By no cause, this disorder can be reversed if it has reached the maximum stage. During the initial stage, you can try to prevent it, and some basic steps can help you reverse it.

Control your blood sugar and start with a healthy diet. Diet is a key to healthy living, and cutting off certain things from your diet can help you reverse the disorder as well as maintain good health.

It is necessary that your body stays active and exercise for a good 30 minutes. This can help to slow down the progression of cognitive disorders and brain disorders such as dementia. 

Ensure that you do keep a check on your thyroid. If you’ve unbalanced thyroid then get treatment for it. 

Sleep is your best friend, and never avoid 8 hours of sleep. Good sleep can help you reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s disorder.

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