What are the reasons behind having a painful ejaculation?

Painful ejaculation is something that not only affects your sexual session but also can be frustrating. It can be frustrating, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. For a lot of men, it is just a painful ejaculation that makes the sexual sessions more difficult and scary. People finding it difficult to have an ejaculation on time can buy Super P Force and get it treated. Having an ejaculation problem is different from painful ejaculations and one must know about it.

Some men feel embarrassed when they have painful ejaculation, but this is a common symptom. One must seek an appropriate treatment to get the ejaculation treated.

Symptoms of painful ejaculation

The symptoms of painful ejaculation do differ from one person to another and they also change over a period of time. Some men do experience this symptom after having sex with a partner but might not experience the same when they masturbate.

A few noticeable symptoms that occur include:
  • Pain during urination and this especially occurs soon after ejaculation
  • Pain during or immediately after ejaculation
  • Pain in or around the bladder, rectum, or penis
  • Pain that begins soon after or before ejaculation
  • This pain only lasts for a few minutes or for 24 hours after ejaculation and it can be mild to very intense.


Several reasons can cause painful ejaculation and in most men, it occurs due to a medical condition. Below mentioned are some of the causes that can result in painful ejaculation.


Some of the people are likely to have painful ejaculation due to the meds they use. Antidepressants are one that can cause various obstacles such as a change in libido, Impotence, painful ejaculation, and sexual issues.

Prostate disorder

Most of the medical issues related to Impotence and ejaculation are focused on the problem with the prostate. Prostatitis is one common issue that remains constant in men with Impotence and Ejaculation disorder. Having such disorder leads to swelling and inflammation of the prostate and this swelling indicates prostate infection. Hence, men with the prostate disorder need to get checked if they have painful ejaculation.

Pelvic process

The process or surgeries related to the genitals or pelvis can include pelvic radiation and they have the ability to damage the prostate and other parts that actively help men to have an ejaculation. This damage results in painful ejaculation.

Sexually transmitted disorder

A wide range of sexually transmitted infections makes ejaculation more painful. Men having a painful ejaculation due to STI are likely to experience a burning sensation while they urinate or ejaculate.

Relationship and emotional problem

Depression, stress, and anxiety are likely to affect your ejaculation, but this may manifest as psychical symptoms and result in painful ejaculation. Men who have no pain while masturbation but have during sexual sessions are likely to have issues due to an emotional or relationship problem.

Nervous system issue

Disorder such as diabetes can have a negative effect on nerves such as damage caused to nerves due to which orgasm or ejaculation becomes difficult.

Sometimes the physical injuries can also have an impact on the nerves, especially men with spinal cord injuries are likely to experience unusual sensations during ejaculation.

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