Super P Force- one remedy with the power of treating two disorders

Men do not mind much about any of the disorders or problems they’ve unless it is related to their sexual life. Yes, men do get irritated when there is some problem they face during sexual intimacy. Usually, men just get shaken by hearing the two disorders- Impotence and Premature Ejaculation. Often, these terms are the ones that can grab the attention of men to know more about the topic. Though Impotence and Premature Ejaculation are common no men find it easy to talk about it. Men with both these disorders can order Super P Force and get both of them treated in one go.

Knowing the disorder


This is a short topic that clearly defines the inability of men to achieve an erection and get into sexual intimacy. Unless and until there is a good flow of blood in your body, you cannot achieve an erection. Sometimes physical and psychological reasons are the ones that affect the erection in men. 

Premature Ejaculation

This is a disorder wherein the Ejaculation gets affected. Either the ejaculation gets delayed or the ejaculation gets too soon. This particular problem doesn’t allow men to achieve ejaculation on time and end the session with a good climax.

Now, there are men with both the disorder, while some have either of them. If you only have Impotence, start with the use of Generic Viagra or Generic Cialis to get erection treated.

Super P Force

Purchase Super P Force online as the best medicament that contains Sildenafil Citrate 100mg and 60mg Dapoxetine. Both these remedies are genuine and help men to achieve an erection as well as manage your ejaculation. This remedy works well and treats both the disorder in one go. 

The function of the tablet

Men recommended with Super P Force need to only consume a single pill and this can help you treat the disorder. The use of Sildenafil citrate in these remedies can work well and helps to improve your erection by stimulating the blood flow in the body. Men having Ejaculation issues can come across that this disorder can be controlled or treated well with the help of Super P Force. These Dapoxetine in this remedy works to delay the ejaculation so that men can indulge in sexual intercourse and have a good climax.

Avoid the use of Super P force if:

  1. Men with medical conditions related to liver, kidney, heart, blood pressure, or diabetes need to restrict the consumption of this remedy for the treatment. 
  2. Men allergic to the elements present in this remedy need to avoid the use of Super P Force for the treatment. 
  3. Senior men need to use this remedy only if it is instructed by the health care provider. 
  4. Women and children are recommended that they do restrict the use of these remedies.

Side effects

Men recommended with the use of Super P Force are likely to have few withdrawal symptoms. The mild effects that occur include feeling thirsty, nasal congestion, increased light, blur vision, and dizziness. The other side effects that might affect you include heart attack, chest pain, feeling dizzy, and priapism. These side effects are the ones that get worse, and one may require medical help to get the side effects treated.

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