Know the causes of painful urination

Painful urination complaints can be heard now and then. It becomes very difficult sometimes to take care of this issue. It is necessary that one must take preventive measures that help to treat the disorder. The prostate cancer indication can be experienced due to the symptom i.e. Painful urination and this disorder sometimes is linked with Impotence. Usually, Impotence requires theory like online Kamagra Oral Jelly but painful urinations require a treatment.

Dysuria is a condition that affects the bladder of a person or nearby parts of the body and causes painful urination. It is necessary that one must choose the right remedy to get the disorder treated effectively. 

Below mentioned are some possible causes that cause painful urination in a person

Sexually transmitted disorder

STI or Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea, herpes or chlamydia is likely to affect the urinary tract and lead to pain while urinating. The symptoms are not usually catchy and hence you need to check with your health care providers. Symptoms do vary from one person to another and it becomes one does seek appropriate treatment.

Kidney stone

A kidney stone is made up of calcium or uric acid that builds up and forms the hardened stone. Sometimes, the kidney stone gets placed near the area in the urinary bladder and gets located in the bladder and this makes the urination painful.

Along with dysuria, the patients are likely to have the below-mentioned symptoms:

  1. Cloudy urine
  2. Nausea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Pain in the side and back
  5. Urinating small amount frequently

Interstitial cystitis

This is also known as bladder pain syndrome and this condition can cause chronic irritation of the bladder. Usually, this can last for 6 weeks or more without any infection being a reason.

Some of the symptoms that indicate this disorder includes:

  1. Pain during intercourse
  2. Urinating frequently, but in less quantity
  3. Pain during intercourse
  4. Pressure in the bladder area
  5. Pain in the vagina

Vaginal infection

Also known as vaginitis or vaginosis, the vaginal infection does affect the overgrowth of bacteria or yeast. An STI known as trichomoniasis is responsible for causing such vaginal infection in women. This only occurs in women and not in men

Chemical sensitivity

Sometimes, the chemicals that are external do affect the body, such as fragrances or any external thing that irritates the bodily tissues. When a person urinates, this irritation becomes noticeable and pain can also be experienced.

Prostate infection

A short-term bacterial infection can result in prostate infection. Sometimes the chronic inflammation can result in other conditions and it requires medical help to get them treated. 

A man with prostate infection are likely to have the below-mentioned conditions too:

  1. Painful ejaculation
  2. Needing to urinate frequently
  3. Pain in bladder
  4. Difficulty urinating

Men need to be careful with their health so that it becomes easy for them to know when to seek help. Painful urination is common, but seeking medical help to get it treated is important. Also, do not avoid any symptoms that indicate you to seek medical help.

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