How can Impotence be reversed or what can be done to reverse it?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a known disorder that affects erection in men. Treating this disorder is difficult, you just have to treat the disorder during the initial stage to reverse it. Impotence can be well treated or dealt with online Generic Cialis but only if you’re not at an advanced stage. A number of times, Impotence cannot be reversed. After a certain age, a man has to continue living life with Impotence, only remedies can help them for a few movements.

Below mentioned tips can work only for men who are not much senior.

Lifestyle changes

While you go through any blog, article, or even health care provider, prescribes to change lifestyle. Yes, a small lifestyle change can help you avoid the erection issues. Maybe you’re living a sedentary lifestyle or something is wrong in your lifestyle that is affecting your erection. May be your drinking habit or smoking habit is affecting erection. Hence, review your lifestyle so that it can help you have an erection.

Increase sexual frequency

Indulging in sexual intimacy is something that can achieve you and maintain an erection and also know what works for you. Sexual frequency is something that can help you improve and have control over your erection. It is also suggested that one does indulge in sexual intimacy at least twice a week so that it can help to improve the blood, develop your interest in sexual intimacy, and also works in your favour to have an erection.

Go to sleep

Sleeping is an important factor that can help men to improve mental health. The stress and hectic work make the body exhaust and having an erection during this period becomes hectic. Hence, to improve your sexual performance it is necessary that you must have a good and improved sleep.

Boosting the testosterone

Sometimes the erectile health also gets affected due to the testosterone. It is necessary that one must improve some steps that can help to maintain the testosterone in the body.

You can choose anything from the mentioned below list to boost your testosterone level in the body.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Exercise
  3. Reduce stress

The above-mentioned tips can help you boost testosterone, but also can help to have an improved erection.

Enhance the heart health

To have a good erection or to reverse the erection, ensuring that you do look after your heart health is necessary. Poor cardiovascular disorder declines the chances of smooth blood flow due to which having a smooth erection become a bit difficult. Hence it is necessary, you must follow the below-mentioned tips.


Following a good exercise or staying physically active is one of the best options that can help you have an improved erection or reverse the erection.

Avoiding the consumption of alcohol

Alcohol is something that can have an effect on your various body parts. The consumption of alcohol heavily can affect your erection.


Smoking or nicotine is something that can affect your erection. The negative effect on the erection can be prevented by quitting smoking

The above-mentioned tips can only help you if you have an initial level problem achieving an erection.

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