Learn the physical causes that affect erection

Erectile dysfunction or Impotence is some of the problems that affect the erection in men. There are a number of things that affect the erection in men and treating such disorder becomes mandatory for men. While some men hide, some do take a step ahead and prefer to seek help from a healthcare provider. Having Impotence not only causes your health to get affected, but mental health and your confidence get affected. 

While a lot of things affect the erection in men, there are some of physical and psychological reasons that affect the erection. Below mentioned are few physical reasons that affect the erection in men.

High blood pressure

There are several men who have high blood pressure and this disorder affects erection. While a person does have Impotence, the blood flow of a person gets affected. A person having blood pressure is likely to get the arteries damaged and this makes it become thicker or sometimes it burst. The burst can sometimes result in death too, and hence men are recommended to take utmost care. Men with blood pressure need to know that due to the arteries getting damaged, the blood flow to the penis is restricted, and hence, they too try to treat blood pressure instead of Impotence. 

Sometimes, the medicaments that are used for treating blood pressure are also the reason behind Impotence. 


Similar to blood pressure, diabetes to is a common disorder that contributes to erection in men. The physical causes that occur are the ones that cannot be reversed and it becomes necessary that one does seek appropriate help from the health care provider. Men, especially those with Type 2 diabetes are likely to get affected most. Diabetes leads to damage to the nerves or the blood vessels due to poor long-term sugar control in the body. As the nerves and blood vessels in the body are damaged it becomes very difficult for a person to have an uninterrupted blood flow in the body and this results in Impotence. 


The number of men does have obesity and this affects the erection in men. Overweight men are likely to have a number of disorders and Impotence is one of them. The weight of a person damages the blood vessels in the human body and also the level of testosterone falls due to which inflammation is caused in the body. The damage caused to the blood vessels does not let carry the blood to the penis and results in Impotence.

Low testosterone

Low testosterone affects male sexual hormones in the body. When such things happen, testosterone does let men have the sexual drive that lets to arouse. The damages caused to the arteries and blood vessels are the main cause that doesn’t let men have an erection. There are certain times when the testosterone fluctuates so badly that men might have even not developed an interest in sexual intimacy. 

Having an erection is one of the biggest tasks when you have Impotence. It becomes necessary that men do know the right reason behind having Impotence so that a suitable remedy can be used. Men with Impotence are recommended to order Kamagra Oral Jelly medicaments to treat the disorder.

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