Know the risk causing Metabolic syndrome

There are a number of things that affect the erection in men. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects the ability to achieve and maintain an erection to indulge in sexual intimacy. Men with such disorders are guided that they do follow the right measures and tricks that can help them be healthy and achieve or maintain an erection. When erection doesn’t occur due to some issues, using online Kamagra Oral Jelly is the primary option that can be used by men.

Sometimes, Metabolic syndrome does cause erection issues in men. A metabolic cluster is a disorder wherein a cluster of conditions occur together and increases the chances of heart stroke, heart disorder, and Type 2 Diabetes. The conditions such as blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, excess of body fat around the waist, and triglyceride levels are some of the metabolic syndromes. Having any one of the syndromes means you are at risk of having other serious disorders. Metabolic syndrome is constantly increasing in people and certain lifestyle changes can help any person to deal with such disorder. Men are especially recommended to never ignore this disorder as this affects erection too.

Risk factors

Below mentioned are the risk factors who have a chance of having metabolic syndrome


Too much weight can increase the chance of having metabolic syndrome. Men who are overweight have metabolic syndrome and also are likely to have erection issues at some point in life.


If your family history contains type 2 diabetes, then you too are likely to have diabetes.


As you grow old, the chances to have metabolic syndrome increases.


Hispanics are also exposed to metabolic syndrome and they are likely to have it mostly.

Other disorder

Men with a non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder, sleep apnea is likely to have Metabolic syndrome.


While it may occur in several men, some may have to deal with the complications. Below mentioned are the groups that have to deal with the complications.

Heart and blood vessel disorder

Men with high blood pressure and high cholesterol are likely to build up plaques in the arteries. The plaques are narrow and can even harden your arteries that increases the chance of having a heart attack or heart stroke.

Type 2 diabetes

There are several men who are likely to have this type of diabetes. Men who fail to maintain weight are likely to develop insulin resistance and this increases your blood sugar. This insulin resistance increases the chance of a person having type 2 diabetes.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is the only way that can help you prevent from Metabolic syndrome. Men with erection issues are guided that they do follow the below mentioned preventive measures.

Avoid smoking

This is something that only affects the erection, but has the ability to reduce the number of years you live.

Consuming a proper diet

A healthy and proper diet is key to most of the disorders. Consuming healthy and in the right proportion can help men to maintain weight as well as every disorder is managed with your diet.

Physical activities

No doubt, physical activities is one of the best options that can help men to treat this disorder. At least 30 minutes of activities or exercise can help your body be fit as well certain disorders can get only treated with a proper diet and work on your body.

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