How to take control if you have diabetes and Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction is an inevitable disorder that is common in men now-a-days. Various physical and psychological reasons can affect the erection in men, and it becomes necessary that one does take care of themselves as well as the underlying condition they have. Men with underlying conditions are more likely to have Impotence. Men with Impotence can simply buy Generic Cialis and get the erection treated, but if you have diabetes then seek consultation regarding the use. 

How does Diabetes affect erection?

Medical conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure are likely to affect the erection in men. Below mentioned are few causes that result in Impotence due to diabetes:

Low testosterone levels

Testosterone has an effect on the sexual functions in men and hence at least 25% of men with diabetes have low testosterone and do affect the erection in men. 

Damage caused to blood vessels

Diabetes is a simple example wherein the blood sugar in the bloodstream increases and these damages the blood vessels in the body. Certain times this leads to damage to the kidney, nerve pain, and loss of vision. Sometimes, the damage is even caused to the blood vessels in the penis that results in Impotence. Hence, men with diabetes must control blood sugar. 

Medication effects

Certain meds are used for blood pressure or other underlying conditions tend to cause Impotence in men. If you think your meds are the ones that cause an erection, then simply do check your remedies with the health care provider.

How to take charge of your life and deal with Diabetes?

Patients with diabetes are more likely to have health issues and it becomes necessary that they do take small measures and take charge of their life. 

Below mentioned are a few things that can help men get an improved erection with relying on anti-Impotent medicaments. 

Lifestyle changes

Quitting smoke

Smoking leads to an increase in blood pressure and this can further damage the small vessels in your penis. The damage caused to the penis is something that can worsen due to diabetes and results in blood vessel damage. 


Losing weight or maintaining a proper weight is more important as compared to any other thing. Exercise is one of the best things that can help to lower the glucose level and helps to improve blood circulation. 

Reducing cholesterol

Men with high cholesterol increase the risk of having Impotence. The changes in the diet can help to lower the fats and control the cholesterol levels in the body. 

Drug options

When the lifestyle changes are taken into consideration, using certain meds can also help you. 

Generic Cialis

The meds such as Generic Cialis can be used so that it can help men to achieve or maintain an erection. It promotes the blood flow in the body due to which maintaining or achieving an erection becomes possible. 

Testosterone therapy

Men with low testosterone levels can opt for replacement therapy of testosterone that can help to improve the sexual drive and treat erection in a better manner. 

The patient having Diabetes and Impotence together need to seek a consultant from a health care provider and seek an appropriate remedy that can help to treat the disorder. Choosing the right remedies is something that can help men have improved Erection.

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