What can help you to reverse the Erectile dysfunction?

Men at midlife are likely to have disorders such as Erectile dysfunction. For many men, reversing the disorder is possible by making some changes in life and diet. When one is talking about erection, the conversation becomes a bit difficult. Every man can't deal with such a disorder and answer such a situation. Some men hide such disorder, some seek help and get it treated. Untreated erection issues make it difficult for men dealing with underlying conditions even. The disorder such as blood pressure and diabetes are interlinked to ED and it becomes necessary that one does seek help to get them treated. Men with erection issues can simply make use of online Kamagra Oral Jelly and get the disorder treated effectively.

Below mentioned are a few changes that you can include improving ED:

Lifestyle factors

As per the research, a man who is successful to bring some changes in lifestyle is likely to have an improved life. It may not reverse the whole effect, but would improve the condition.


Quitting smoking is one of the best methods that can help men to deal with erection issues. Smoking tobacco can narrow your arteries that carry blood and due to the disturbance in the process, erection cannot be achieved.


Consumption of alcohol can reduce your ability to have an erection. Men who are heavy drinkers are likely to have erection issues.


Weight plays an important role in letting men have an erection. Overweight men are likely to have an erection, shedding some weight can help to have an improved erection.


Some physical activities combined with a healthy diet are one of the best ways that can help to have an improved erection.

Psychological factors

Psychological factors such as performance anxiety are the one that affects the erection in men. Relationship problems, depression, and anxiety are some of the common reasons that affect your erection and results as Impotence.

Healthy relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship is mandatory. Due to your performance in bed, the libido may get affected and men not stay focused while getting intimated and this again has a negative effect on the erection. Hence, establishing a good relation (even mental relation is mandatory) does help men to reverse some effect.

Dealing with mental health issues

Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the factors that can affect your erection. Mindfulness, yoga, and exercise are the best option that can help men to reverse this disorder to an extend.

Medical causes

Some of the medical reasons can also affect your erection and reversing it is easy.

Low blood flow

Erection issues occur due to the blockage of the arteries. Hence, you require a sufficient amount of blood flow to have an erection.

Nerve damage

Nerve damage causes surgery of nerves and even nerve-sparing cannot help it. Even with gradual improvement after surgery, men often require ED medicaments to indulge in sexual intimacy.

Peyronie's disorder

This is a condition wherein the penis gets curved extremity and men do find having intercourse painful or impossible.

Whatever is the reason, ensure that you do seek medical help to get the Impotence treated.

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