Revealing the facts of Silagra

Impotence generally does take a toll on the health of men. Surprisingly, when it affects men it does affect women too. The couple becomes unable to indulge in sexual intimacy and satisfy each other due to distraction. Women usually have fewer issues of erection, but having Impotence in men can even shatter a life. Men with Impotence need to know that the use of certain meds and remedies can help to treat the disorder effectively. Impotence simply describes the inability of men to have maintained erection. 

Know the uses

Men are guided to make use of Silagra and this is one of the trusted remedies to deal with Impotence. The inability in men to achieve or maintain an erection is treated effectively with the help of meds. Men simply can make use of these remedies at home and can hide the issue of having Impotence. This medicament is specially designed to help men get an erection treated. 

Know how it functions

The PDE5 enzymes are the one that blocks the working of cGMP enzymes and doesn’t let men have an erection. The use of the Silagra tablet releases nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a chemical helping to get rid of erection issues by increasing the blood flow. The release of nitric oxide stimulates the cGMP enzymes and helps to increase the blood flow in the body to let men have an erection. 

Method to administrate

  • Men are guided to use Silagra 100mg on an empty stomach. Consuming the tablets on an empty stomach can help to make the tablet work more effectively. 
  • Men are recommended to consume a low-fat meal. The meal that contains fatty acids or fats is to be avoided if you wish to consume your meal before using the Silagra tablet. 
  • Use 1 tablet at least an hour before indulging in sexual intimacy. 

When to not use Sildenafil citrate for treating Impotence in men?

You are recommended to avoid the use of male enhancer tablets if you do have any following conditions or use some of the things mentioned.

  • If you are having angina and using nitrates, strictly avoid the use of the Silagra tablet.
  • Avoid to use of the erection remedy if you have any medical condition related to heart, liver, or blood pressure.
  • Men allergic to the elements that are present in ED med actively or inactively need to strictly restrict the use of the remedies. 

Withdrawal symptoms

Men are recommended to use Silagra's need to take care of themselves effectively as certain side effects might trigger them. The withdrawal symptoms such as headache, back pain, dizziness, drowsiness, and muscle pain are likely to occur. The withdrawal symptoms that one needs to worry about include pain in the chest, shortness of breath, an erection lasting for long hours, heart attack, and vision blurring. 

The side effects that occur sometimes might trigger too much, and men may require medical help to get the side effects treated. 


  • Men guided to order online Silagra need to ensure that they do restrict the use of other medicaments that interact and result in side effects. 
  • It is mandatory that one does stay away from the use of nitrates. Nitrates do interact with the Silagra tablet and result in a fall of blood pressure. 
  • It is guided to use the Silagra tablet only when you’re sexually aroused.

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