Recognize the difference between Impotence and sterility

Erectile dysfunction and sterility both can affect the sexual life of men. Both cause an effect on having kids, but in a different manner.

Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction and it refers to giving trouble to achieve or maintain an erection. Due to Impotence, men are likely to find it difficult to engage in sexual intimacy. Sterility is nothing but infertility and it defines the inability to produce or release sperms.

Below mentioned are the causes and explanations to condition and how can be they dealt with. 


At least 30 million men in the USA are likely to have Impotence. This disorder gets common as you get older. Only 1 in 10 men are likely to get affected due to long term ED. There is the participation of all the organs so that it can help men achieve an erection. If any organ fails to sync, then it is likely that a man is going to get trouble achieving or maintain an erection.

Below mentioned are some of the causes of having an erection.
  • Heart disorder
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Nerve damage
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco use
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Stress
  • Depression


If you’re trying to get pregnant with your partner and it’s been a year, you’re not succeeding then the chances of having infertility are more. The problem can either be with you, your partner of some combined issue. Most of the time, the infertility issue occurs in men and it is necessary, they do have an idea to deal with it.

Man’s fertility is risked due to the production or releasing of sperms. Below mentioned are few causes of infertility in men.

  1. Premature ejaculation
  2. Use of certain steroids
  3. Injury or surgery of any reproductive organ or testicles
  4. Diabetes
  5. Cancer treatments

The reason behind having infertility in men is not clear, but those who have such issues are likely to have problems with sexual functions, trouble ejaculating and swelling in the scrotum, and reduced desire.

Treating Impotence

Erectile dysfunction can be treated easily. Men can simply buy Generic Viagra and get the disorder treated at fingertips. Not only Generic Viagra but many other remedies can be used to get the erection treated. Most of the men, to prevent the relation from harm, choose to make use of medicaments or any other way such as injections or pumps.

Initially, your health care provider is likely to physically examine you. You will be checked for underlying conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, or any other hormonal issues. Based on the outcome of the results, you will be prescribed to use meds or follow some other method of treatment.

If you have Impotence due to lifestyle, then adding a few changes can help you deal with it without any barrier.

  • Cut down the consumption of liquor
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Cut down the use of tobacco

The change in lifestyle can help men to deal with the erection issues and get the disorder treated in an effective manner.


If you are trying to conceive for more than a year, then get a diagnosis for infertility.

Some of the diagnosis that can be done to check infertility includes:

  1. Ultrasound of the testicles
  2. Genetic testing
  3. A blood test to know the hormone levels
  4. Semen analysis

Treating Sterility

The treatment that you are prescribed with, will depend upon the problem you are dealing with. Several treatment options include:

  • Surgery to repair the testicles
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Treatment to treat a disorder that is causing infertility.

Impotence and sterility are two different things. One need not confuse it with each other as they have different causes and reasons to occur in men.

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