Lovegra- the special product for women

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects men as well as women. This sexual dysfunction becomes a bit difficult to deal with. The sexual issue dealt with by women and males is the same, but one must get the disorder diagnosed and treat sexual dysfunction effectively. Women having such disorder cannot make use of Generic Viagra and hence are recommended to make use of the Lovegra and get the disorder treated. 

About this ED med

Lovegra like most ED med contains Sildenafil citrate and is designed to help women deal with sexual dysfunction. This med is much like the Kamagra pill and has a rich pink color that describes the inactive element of the tablets. Sildenafil citrate being an active element helps women to deal with sexual dysfunction. This remedy is only introduced for women and no other person (men) can make use of this medicament for the treatment. 

Working of the tablet

Buy online Lovegra tablet, it is designed so that it can help women do deal with sexual arousal. Letting women have sexual arousal is one of the best ways that can help women to enjoy intercourse. The lack of blood flow is the only reason that makes it difficult for women to have sexual arousal. Heavy blood flow to the vaginal area can intensify the feeling and escalates pleasure in the sexual activity. The blood flow is simply blocked due to the PDE5 enzymes. 

As soon as the Sildenafil citrate is administrated it enhances the cGMP enzymes and stabilizes the blood flow in the women. As soon as the required amount of blood flow is provided to the organs, enjoying sexual intimacy becomes easy. The use of this medicament or working is similar to other ED meds, the only difference that can be noted is, it is prescribed only to women. 


The beginners are prescribed with 50mg dose and further, depending upon the medical history and age of women, the doses can be altered.  Also, do not increase or decrease the dose unless you are suggested to do so. 


Lovegra tablet if is prescribed, then ensure you do only use one tablet for 24 hours. If you accidentally or intentionally use more doses then you are likely to have some withdrawal symptoms. When such conditions occur women are guided to seek medical help. 


Like any other Sildenafil Citrate tablet ensure that you do gulp it with a glass of water.  Even if the results are not been experienced, repeating the dose is not prescribed. Never do anything to the tablets, consume it the way it is available. 

Also, take care of a diet. Do avoid consuming the Lovegra tablet with heavy and fatty food. While you are asked to use this medicament do not consume fatty acid as it affects the working of the sexual enhancement tablet. 

Care to be taken

There are few women with such issue and hence they need to know the tips that can help them:

  • Use the tablet when you are aroused to indulge in sexual intimacy
  • Breastfeeding mothers are recommended to avoid trying the use of this remedy.
  • Avoid the use of nitrates completely
  • Do not use the online Lovegra tablet for any other sexually transmitted disorder.

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