Caverta- The trustable answer to Impotence at affordable cost

Having an erection issue is no more problem as several medicaments can be used. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects the complete life of a couple. Men are guided that they do seek a diagnosis first and then seek a remedy to get the disorder treated. Men having Impotence can simply choose to seek advice from the health care provider. Men are likely to have Impotence as it occurs due to various physical and psychological reasons. Men need to ensure that they do seek the right help to get erection treated. 

The disorder like erectile dysfunction makes men feel ashamed. Most of the time they do not even share with the partner as they find it something that questions their masculinity. It becomes difficult to deal with the situation when you do not let your partner know about it. Men with such disorders need to seek help from partners and also health care providers. Seeking support can help you cope with the disorder. 

How does the tablet work to help men?

Caverta online contains Sildenafil citrate as an active element and helps men to get the Impotence treated well. Men having such disorder need to ensure that they use the recommended dose to get the disorder treated. This drug helps to release the nitric oxide in the body and this nitric oxide in the body. The use of this medicament blocks the PDE5 enzymes and doesn’t let men have an erection. Hence, the release of nitric oxide helps men to stimulate cGMP enzymes. Once the cGMP enzymes are released in the body, it stimulates blood flow in the body due to which men are likely to have a smooth erection. 

How do the doses work for men to achieve erection?

Men are usually prescribed to make use of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg doses and these doses are to be used as instructed by the health care provider. The doses do differ, 50mg is used for beginners, 100mg is used by men with severe Impotence, and 25mg is used only if you have fewer erection issues. 

If men wish to use this medicament on daily basis then it is mandatory that one must use the dose prescribed by the health care provider. The daily doses do vary from regular doses. 

After effects

Men prescribed to use Caverta tablets need to know that certain withdrawal effects may go away within a few hours. The side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, muscle pain, and back pain. The mild effects that occur go away without any treatment. 

The severe side effects that occur are likely to cause heart attack, priapism, vomiting, hearing loss, and severe dizziness. The severe side effects are to be taken care of so that men know when to seek medical help. 


The use of Caverta interacts with some other medicaments. The medicaments that you use need to get checked once under the supervision of a health care provider.

Do not take alert required work as your alertness might get affected due to the use of Caverta.

Consuming alcohol, grapefruit juice or tobacco is to be strictly avoided. 

Using nitrates in any form is not recommended.

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