How to cope up with Performance anxiety?

Sexual dysfunction and performance anxiety go hand in hand and this causes problems in men. Having Erectile dysfunction affects the erection whereas performance anxiety is to be valued when the performance of men in bed gets affected. Of course, both the disorder is worrying and men require to find a solution to such disorder. Men with Erectile dysfunction are required to order online Generic Cialis and get sexual dysfunction treated. Performance anxiety gets improved along with ED as it is the best way that helps men to deal with such sexual dysfunction issues. 

The link between ED and Performance Anxiety

When a man does have erection issues, he is aware that he cannot perform well in bed and this stress and anxiety make it more difficult for them to perform in bed. When a man becomes unable to satisfy the sexual expectations, it affects the performance of men.

Causes of Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is caused due to negative thoughts regarding the ability to perform in bed during sexual intimacy. Several men see porn and they are likely to see visuals of penis size and body image and a question such as maybe she may want the same body and penis size. This can bring negativity in the mind of a man and may affect the performance of the men in bed. 

At times, dealing with stress at work, money issues, and personal issues can also have an effect on your performance in bed. 

Symptoms of performance anxiety

Men having performance anxiety are likely to have few symptoms that indicate about the situation. Below mentioned are the situations that can be experienced by the patient:

  • Rapid breathing and increased pulse
  • Trembling hands, knees, voice and lips
  • Vision changes
  • Nausea or uneasy feeling in your stomach
  • Dry mouth and tight throat

Performance anxiety treatment

Below mentioned are the tips that can help you deal with Performance Anxiety and cope up with it. 

Practice well:

The number of men due to fear of erection issues does not prefer to involve in sexual intimacy and hence it is necessary that one must keep practicing in bed. 

Limit caffeine:

There are a number of disorders that get enhanced when caffeine is consumed and hence it is recommended that one does strictly stay away from the consumption of caffeine. Sugar intake as well should be limited. Hence indulge in a diet that provides you energy and doesn’t let you feel hungry soon. 

Shift the focus:

Several works cannot be performed when a person is in pressure and hence, they are recommended to shift the focus. Shifting your focus to something that can make the movement enjoyable is the only way that can help you deal with Performance Anxiety. 

Avoid thoughts:

Every second thought does come to your mind and it is necessary that one does welcome positive thoughts and avoid negative thoughts. Self-doubt is always invited by negative thoughts and hence keeping negative thoughts is the best option. 

Practice exercise:

Practice-controlled breathing, meditation, and other strategies that can help you stay calm and relax. It is necessary that one must practice a new relaxing technique every day so that the performance can be improved. Accompanied by exercise, do maintain a healthy diet so that it can help live a healthy lifestyle.

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