How can one deal with stress while having erection issues?

Stress always stands to be the factor that has a major impact on all the disorders. Stress does contribute to most of the disorder and hence it is necessary that one must try the tricks and tips that can help to deal with stress. Usually, men those have erectile dysfunction are at the risk of developing this Impotence more severely due to stress. Hence, the number of men those who have erectile dysfunction need to always stick to certain tips that can help to deal with erection issues. 

Below mentioned tips are the one that can help men or anyone to relieve stress:


Meditation is one of the ways that can help your brain to relax. Practicing mediation daily for a few minutes can help you ease anxiety. Daily meditation can help to alter the brain’s neural pathways and this makes you more relieved from stress. This simple mantra can help the people to relieve the stress and the mind gets calm. 

Breathe deeply

While meditation, ensure that you do also focus on your breath. This is one of the best ways that can help you as well as your skin breathe some more fresh air. Taking a deep breath does not only helps you focus on breath, but also helps to reduce the risk of heart rate and lowers the risk of blood pressure. 

One needs to sit up straight with eyes closed and hands near your belly. Lowly inhale and then you can feel the breath in your stomach. Slowly exhale breathes and this is to be followed for a few minutes. This is one of the best methods to focus on your breath and meditate. 

Get moving

Moving doesn’t mean strenuous exercise or you have to run high. All forms of exercise, including yoga and walking, are the best options that can help you ease depression and anxiety. This sort of moving can help to release good chemicals and gives your body a chance so that it can help to deal with stress. One can simply walk or take the stairs or do some stretching exercises. 

Reach out

The best way to handle stress is social networks. Reach out to the people, preferably talk face-to-face to the people or at least on phone. Share what’s going and keep connecting with the people. This can help you share your stress with someone and keep your connection strong. 

In tune your body

Mentally scan your body so that it can help you know how stressed is your body each day. Lie down on your back or sit with feet on the floor. Know what your body feels and notice the indication that your body gives. 


Decompress your body with the help of heat wrap around your neck and shoulder for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and relax. Remove the wrap and the use of a tennis ball or foam roller so that it can help to massage the tension. This is one of the best ways to decompress and helps you relieve the tension from the body as well as this process is stress-relieving.

Laugh out loud

If you go to parks, you can see a number of people practicing this technique. Laughing out loudly can help you to lower cortisol and helps your stress hormone to decrease in order to boost the brain chemicals called endorphins. Also watching the favorite videos and reading comics can help you laugh that can help you deal with the stress. 

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