Get your sex problems sorted with the best guide

A most common problem that is experienced by men while getting engaged in sexual intimacy is an erection. A common problem that can be experienced by the couple in bed exists in either one of the couples or both the couple. When such issues occur in men, the whole situation requires a quick resolution. Men can simply make use of online Generic Cialis tablet and erection treated. At times not only erection, but other factors does also affect the erection and arousal in men. 

Below are some of the common sexual problem that couple face while they engage in sexual intimacy

Lack of emotional intimacy

As soon as man comes to know about erection, he doesn’t show any interest in sexual intimacy. While one is supposed to engage in sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy too plays an important role. There might be multiple reasons due to which a man or couple becomes unable to connect emotionally.  Similar to men, women too do have a lack of emotions during engaging in bed and it can be due to pain caused during intimacy or stress, depression, guilt, and anxiety. 

Low libido

The sexual drive of course gets influenced when it comes to an erection. But still, there are certain changes that can be made to the lifestyle. 

Below mentioned are few of them:
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Malnourishment
  • Getting older

Other than these reasons, some other reasons such as depression medicaments, or stress can also affect your libido. 

Body changes

As age progresses, change in the body is definite to happen. As men begin to grow older, the level of testosterone starts to decline. Stress too is a factor that affects the hormonal fluctuation in the body. Still, some of the alterations such as mediation and exercise can prove to be beneficial for your health. Maintaining a healthy weight is the best way that can help you get back your erection and perform well in bed. 


Today men and women are working and have busy schedules due to which indulging in bed for sexual intimacy becomes a bit struggling. After a hectic day, every person wills to rest and hence it is necessary, one can simply increase the energy level both physically and mentally. 


Intimating cannot be done directly physically. Approaching your partner in the right manner is necessary so that it can help both the partner to indulge in sexual intimacy. Communication is a key, hence whenever you feel to indulge in bed ensure you approach your partner in a good manner and get into sexual intimacy. 

Not having enough sex

Men due to fear of having no erection do not prefer to get into sexual intimacy. Hence, due to such issues, they do not practice sex more often and then the complications related to erection may get more severe. Rather than avoiding sexual intimacy, men are recommended to indulge in sexual sessions and keep trying for it. 

Lack of focus

The energy level and mutual understanding work together so that the couple can get pleasure in the bed. One of the largest organs that can contribute to such a situation is the brain. If you have mental stress, you cannot stay focused and might affect your sexual session. Hence, whenever you are supposed to indulge in sexual sessions ensure you are not stressed or not focused. 

Even after using the medicaments, you are not likely to have an erection unless you are aroused or have an interest in indulging in sexual intimacy.

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