Know about the top causes that contribute to Impotence

Impotence occurs in men when they become unable to achieve or maintain an erection. There are several factors that contribute to Impotence and it may occur due to emotional and physical disorders. Men with such disorders need to know that discussing it with the health care provider and seeking help to get the disorder treated is one of the most effective methods to get the disorder treated. Men those who have Impotence can simply order online Kamagra Oral Jelly and get the disorder treated in an effective manner. 

Below mentioned are some of the top reasons that contribute to erection issues

Endocrine disorder

The body’s endocrine disorder does affect hormone production that does regulate metabolism, mood, reproduction, and sexual function. Diabetes and blood pressure are amongst the endocrine disorder that might affect you and result in erection issues. 

Also, one of the complications that men have to deal with is the nerve damage caused due to diabetes. Due to nerve damage, the penis sensation gets affected and men become unable to have an erection. 

Neurological and nerve disorder

Several neurological conditions do increase the risk of having Impotence. Nerve conditions do affect the brain’s ability and also the communication with the reproductive system gets broke. In order to prevent erection ensure that you do treat neurological and nerve disorders.

The neurological disorder includes:
  • Brain or spinal tumors
  • Alzheimer’s disorder
  • Stroke
  • Temporary lobe epilepsy

If a man has had prostate surgery then you are likely to have nerve damage and this results in Impotence. Also, if you are a bicycle rider then too you are likely to have temporary Impotence. 

Using certain medicaments

There are certain medicaments that might affect your erection. Some meds that are used for treating some other disorder can affect the erection in men. Of course, men those who have erection issues due to medicaments need to seek medical help and change the meds under the supervision of health care provider. Even if you are known to the causes of Impotence do not alter the use of medicaments unless prescribed by the health care providers. 

Cardiac related conditions

Some conditions do affect the heart condition and its ability to pump does cause Impotence. If men don’t have enough blood flow towards the phallus, then you are likely to achieve no erection. 

Atherosclerosis, High Cholesterol, and hypertension are some of the disorder that causes the risk of having Impotence in men. 

Lifestyle and emotional factor

To achieve an erection it becomes necessary that one does go through the excitement phase. Also, this is a phase wherein emotional response is also necessary. If men do have an emotional disorder, then it is likely to affect their ability to become sexually excited. 

At times, depression and anxiety may also increase the risk of having Impotence. Erectile dysfunction not only affects your erection but also affects performance anxiety. Also, it becomes difficult for men to maintain and achieve an erection. Due to erection issues, men become unable even to engage in sexual intimacy and hence men are prescribed to indulge in sexual activity to keep trying for improvement of erection.

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