How do nutrition and diet affect erection negatively?

Men’s sexual function should always be in good condition to satisfy a partner. So far, people do talk about the foods that can help you overcome Erectile dysfunction or Impotence but there are foods that cause or contribute to Impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem for men and not only does it affect the erection, but at times it does have an effect on the libido and self-esteem. Sometimes these erection issues can also result in serious health issues. Men, those who have erectile dysfunction are asked to order Generic Cialis and get the disorder treated in an effective manner.

Using meds won’t work unless certain foods are not being cut down from your diet. Below mentioned is a list of foods that men need to avoid if they have erection issues.


Average Americans daily comprise 12% of dairy items in their food. The food such as cheese contains high saturated fats. These fats are the one which blocks the arteries and affect the blood flow in the body. At times, the cows are fed on grain and this is an unnatural managed diet for cows. At times they are also fed antibiotics. The antibiotics do prevent the cows from falling sick, but can definitely make a sick human being. Such things have an effect on the prostate and contribute to issues such as Impotence.


When one is thinking about good health, a good heart should also be thought of. Good health is the key that can help you perform well in bed. Meat heavy diets, high fats in the animal are some of the causes that damage the arteries and results in heart disorder and Impotence.

Try to switch to Omega-3 fatty acids, as this can help you have improved heart disorder and Impotence. Also, the intake of protein can be increased with the consumption of fish, chicken, and turkey. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid and hence it can be added to the list of great heart function benefits.


Usually, even when men do use the remedies to treat erection issues, they are asked to avoid liquor. Alcohol is depressing and dampening your mood can be the result of excessive consumption of alcohol that leads to lower sexual desire. Under the influence of alcohol, men are likely to face complexities to achieve an erection or get orgasm. In fact, the studies even say that one common cause of erectile dysfunction is boozing. If you wish to drink for relaxation, then choose red wine as this can help to avoid alcohol and also help you get some antioxidants.

Fried food

Fried food is said to be bad for health due to the oil used for frying. Restaurants usually do make use of oil that is high in trans-fat and this oil is used by reheating it again and again so that the costs can be saved, but this affects the health of men. This is the reason due to which fried food becomes one of the unhealthiest foods that can result in many disorders such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disorder. 


One of the simplest reasons to avoid soy products is it produces an oestrogenic effect on your body. This is nothing but the female hormones are being released in the body. In order to indulge in sexual intimacy, men need to have a proper balance of estrogen and testosterone. If you are using fermented soy that you need not worry.

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