Things that can have an effect on your erection

Getting an erection just doesn’t happen, instead, this is a complex process that includes every nerve, hormone, and every part of the body. An imbalance of even factors can make you compromise with your erections. Hence it is necessary that you must be aware of the things that have an impact on your erection. Men usually when do have an erection issue do order Generic Viagra 100mg and get the disorder, but certain do's and Don’ts can help men to get in such a disturbing situation.

Below mentioned are the things that can either help you have a good erection or can worsen your erection

Nutrition and Diet

Eating a healthy diet that is full of nutrients is one of the best methods which can help to have smooth blood flow. Smooth blood flow is the one that helps to stimulate the enzymes and help men get an erection. Ensure that you do plan a meal properly and then consume it. Do not eat in such a manner that you are not going to eat again. Instead consume every food in a small proportion so that your body can get all the required essentials.


Body weight should be watched by men as most of the time weight puts an added strain on the heart and results in a disorder such as blood pressure and diabetes. Having this disorder alters the hormones in the body and this results in a bad erection.


Studies have shown that being functional and active helps you have a good flow of blood in your body. 

When it comes to exercise, men do have only one word in mind-gym. The gym is not required to get a back erection, even walking briskly a few times can help you have a smooth blood flow which helps you get a back erection.


Men today have the stress of work and they do think a drink is a better option that can help them deal with it. A drink can surely not damage anything but more than a drink on a daily basis can have a negative effect on your erection. Consuming too much alcohol damages your liver, brain, and testicles. When enough testosterone is not produced in the body, then it may eventually affect your erection. Boozing may not affect your erection the moment you consume alcohol but may affect your erection later.


This is usually considered safe, but in certain states it is illegal. Men who regularly consume Marijuana may have reduced testosterone and this can lead to many health issues which include Erectile dysfunction.

Disuse atrophy

This is a term that indicates use it or lose it. Ideally, this means that men are supposed to stay active a few times a week so that it can keep proper blood flow and nerves active.


There are many with the disorder such as diabetes and blood pressure, which can damage the blood vessels and this does have an effect on erection. 

Blood pressure and diabetes do have an effect on erection and at times the treatment used for treating this disorder may also have an effect on your erection.

Men who have erectile dysfunction need to know that actually affects their erection and take precautions accordingly.

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