Silagra- The known ED remedy to get erection treated

Erection has become a problem of a number of men and this is a bit disturbing for them. Having Impotence not affects the erection in men but also affects the complete life of the couples. Hence men whenever do have a problem such as Erectile dysfunction are asked to diagnose the disorder. Hiding such disorder may not help men, instead, it may worsen the condition. Hence, seeking help from health care providers is one of the best options. 


There is a number of medicaments that men can order when it comes to erectile dysfunction. One such med is Silagra and this belongs to the ED meds family. Like most of the medicaments used for the treatment, Silagra too does contain Sildenafil citrate and helps men get back erection. 

The function of the tablets

Men those who are prescribed wit this Sildenafil tablets need to know that this tablet can easily help them get an erection. Men can feel relieved after making the use of this tablet to get back the erection. This med takes exactly 30 minutes to start its work and help men get back the erection. The consumption of this tablet targets the important cause of the erection issue. This Sildenafil tablets work on the PDE5 enzymes and blocks them so that the cGMP enzymes can get increased in the body. 

This male enhancement tablet is used so that it can help to easily get the erection. The increase in cGMP enzymes helps to make smooth blood flow and get back the erection to indulge in sexual intimacy. The deposition of nitric oxide in the body helps men to increase the required enzymes and get the smooth flow to have an erection. 

Use if

Men do have erection issues.

Do not use:

  • Women those who have erection issues cannot use this medicament. 
  • Also, men below the age of 18 cannot make the use of this medicament. 
  • Men with medical history related to liver, kidney, heart or diabetes and blood pressure should restrict the use of the Silagra tablet. 
  • Men allergic to the active component or any other ingredient of this remedy should strictly restrict the use of the medicament. 
  • Senior men need to use this sex booster tablets only if it is prescribed to them

Sexual desire

Many a time, men do order Silagra tablets online with an opinion to have an improved sexual drive. If you are one of them, then you are wrong. Men those who are not sexually aroused cannot have erection due to the use of this medicament. Men need to ensure that they are sexually active and then make the use of this tablet to get back the erection. 

Appropriate doses

Men those who are asked to make use of the Silagra tablet need to know that there are three doses available-25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Depending upon the severity of your disorder, you are prescribed with the lowest or highest dose. 50mg dose is prescribed to the patients those who have an erection and are beginners. 

Care to be taken

  • Silagra pill should not be let interact with any other medicines as this can interact and result in side effects. 
  • Nitrates are the ones that may interact and result in side effects. Hence the consumption of Nitrates in any form should be avoided. 
  • Boozing or smoking while on Silagra should be avoided as this can lead to interruption of the results and may result in side effects. 
  • It is necessary that one must strictly stay away from performing any of the activities that affect alertness.

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