Natural foods to improve Erectile dysfunction without meds

Erectile dysfunction is one of the known disorders which affects the health of men. Hence, it is necessary that one does know about Erectile dysfunction and then seek a remedy to get this disorder treated. Men can make use of online Kamagra Oral jelly or other methods such as pumps and surgeries which can help to get back erection. But most of the men do have a question whether the food they consume does have any effect on their erection or not? The answer to this question is yes, there are certain foods which may affect your erection and it is necessary that you must know about this food.


The sweet and refreshing fruit has some of the elements which have effects similar to the ED meds. As per the studies, this fruit is also capable to improve your sexual drive. Watermelon consists of water and lycopene and this is an antioxidant that helps your heart, skin, and prostate to improve. Though this fruit can help doesn’t mean that you consume it in high quantity. Consuming anything in excess can lead to withdrawal symptoms.


Oysters are the shellfish that help men to boost the testosterone levels and this also has an effect on your sexual drive. These oysters are rich in zinc and this is the nutrient that is required by the body. Also to ensure that you can consume the oyster after they are cooked. It is mandatory that you must know from where does thus oysters come and are they cooked or not properly.


Consumption of caffeine can also help men have an improved erection. A cup of coffee can give a boost to your sexual life. Men, those who drank 2-3 cups of coffee were less likely to have an erection. The consumption of caffeine can help to boost the blood flow, but do not over consume the caffeine.

Dark chocolate

This is a treat that may prove to be perk below the belt. Ounces in a couple of times a week can help your ticker and the elements that are good for your heart are also good for other parts of your body. Chocolates are rich in flavanols and nutrients they do increase the blood flow and lower the blood pressure. Hence this helps your body to make nitric oxide and this nitric oxide helps you have improved erection.


Walnuts are rich in arginine and this is an amino acid that makes your body use nitric oxide. Also, this is the richest source of vitamin E, fiber and folic acid and adding more than a few small handfuls to the daily diet can be helpful.


Maybe you enjoy the beverages that are made for adults, but there are reasons due to which men are asked to drink the stuff that is for kids. Nitric oxide is essential for erection and this nitric oxide can be found in concord grape and this can help you improve erection. If you do not like grape, then pomegranate juice may help you.

Consuming natural food can help you during the initial stages. At times accompanying the therapies with natural remedies also help you get the best results.

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