Lovegra- a known pink pill to rescue women from Erectile dysfunction

Similar to men, women to do have issues related to erectile dysfunction. This problem does not usually affect women, but when it does, it may affect you as much as it affects men. Similar to the male dysfunction, there are remedies for women’s sexual dysfunction and it is necessary that one must take utmost care and women do know the remedy that can help to bring this problem to an end. As soon as a woman does not feel arousal or doesn’t have enough of orgasm that makes her sexual engagement look like fulfilled, then it is considered as a case of Erectile dysfunction. Women those who have sexual dysfunction, need to order Lovegra and this table brings intense sexual satisfaction for both the couples.

Lovegra resembles similar to Kamagra the only difference is it is pink in color. Also, the active element that can be found in this female sex booster capsule is Sildenafil Citrate. This tablet is reasonable for increasing the excitement in the female body and improves the experience related to sexual intimacy.

The function of the medicament

Similar to the male sexual dysfunction, even in a woman’s body, the increase in PDE5 enzyme ruins the sexual activity. The lack of blood flow is the reason that can be turned off and can affect sexual dysfunction. Due to having an inadequate amount of blood flow towards the genitals, women do not feel aroused and to have an orgasm it is necessary that the blood flow towards the vaginal area must be intense.

Lovegra inhibits the PDE5 enzymes and enhances cGMP enzymes and this helps to stabilize the blood flow towards the female’s genital area. The function of Lovegra is similar to any other ED med that is used by men.


  1. Other than women, no one else can make use of this drug for the treatment. If you are a man then there are different meds that can be used. 
  2. Women those who have medical conditions related to heart disorders, chest pain, blood pressure, and retinitis pigmentosa need to strictly stay away from the use of Lovegra med. 
  3. If you are allergic to the basic element of this medicament then do avoid making use of this female sex booster tablets.

Sexual drive

Like males, even females do have a misunderstanding that this ED med works as a hormone or helps to improve sexual desire. This medicament only works when the body of a female is backed up with sexual desire. The effective results cannot be achieved if the sexual drive is not present. 


If women do wish to buy Lovegra online then it is available in 2 doses-50mg and 100mg. Both these doses prove to be beneficial for the health of women and help to achieve orgasm and fully satisfy in bed. Usually, women are asked to use a 50mg dose so that it can help to improve sexual dysfunction. 


When one is recommended to use this Sildenafil Citrate pill, administrate 1 pill with a glass of water. Even if you do not get the results, do not repeat more than one dose in one day. Consume the whole capsule as it is and ensure that you do not consume a heavy diet before the administration of the ED med. 

Ill effects

Women who are asked to use Lovegra need to know that there are only basis side effects that too vanishes after a few hours. The side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, upset stomach, muscle pain, running nose and back pain can be experienced. The severe side effects that may occur and may require medical attention include chest pain, heart attack, rapid heartbeat, and severe dizziness. 
If any other unusual symptoms are being experienced then women are asked to seek medical attention.


  • The task that requires concentration need to be avoided after the use of Sildenafil Citrate pill. 
  • Nitrates consumption is to be completely avoided
  • Pregnant women are restricted from making the use of this medicine to get the disorder treated.

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