How is stroke different from a heart attack?

Stroke and heart attack are the incidents that occur suddenly. Both events have a few similarities, but there are also certain symptoms that differ. A common symptom that can help you know about the stroke is a powerful headache and it is at times known as a brain attack. A heart attack on the other side often considers the symptoms such as chest pain. Depending upon the stroke and heart attack symptom, you can come across what type of help the patient may require. Heart attack or stroke doesn’t occur causally, it is the symptom that you do have an underlying condition. Some of the disorder such as Erectile dysfunction results in a heart attack or stroke and when such disorder of Impotence occurs one need to simply start making the use of the ED pill i.e. online buy Kamagra Oral Jelly.

The symptoms of having a stroke and heart attack depend upon:

  • The severity of the episodes
  • Your overall health
  • Gender
  • Age

These symptoms may occur quickly and that too without any warning


Usually, heart attack and stroke both occur due to blockage in the arteries, but below mentioned are some common causes.

Stroke causes

Usually, ischemic stroke is common and happens due to:

A blood clot in the artery within the brain can completely cut the circulation to the brain. This can prove to be the cause of a stroke.

There are chances that the plaque may build up in the carotid artery that carries the blood to the brain.

Another common kind of stroke that can hit you is hemorrhagic stroke and this happens when the blood vessels in the brain rupture and blood leaks into the surrounding tissues and the major cause behind hemorrhagic stroke is due to the blood pressure straining the wall of the arteries.

Heart attack causes

A heart attack in a person occurs when the arteries in the body are blocked or become narrow and blood flow stops due to the blockage or is severely restricted. A coronary artery is amongst the arteries that provide or that carry blood supply to the heart.

Blockage in the arteries is one of the reasons due to which the blood clots and the blood flow is been stopped. At times the reason behind blockage is cholesterol plaque that builds up in the arteries and at point triggers the blood flow in the body.

Risk factors

The risk factors for stroke and heart attack are bit similar and include:

  1. Smoking
  2. Family history
  3. Age
  4. Blood pressure
  5. High cholesterol

Due to high blood pressure, the walls of the blood vessels strains and this makes it more rigid and less likely to expand whenever it requires to maintain a healthy circulation. In the case of men are likely to have poor circulation then it leads to poor erection as well as the risk of stroke and heart attack.

An outlook of treatment and diagnosis

Depending upon how severe was the incident and how quickly you took the treatment the outlook completely differs.

Some people do have a severe stroke and this damages the body due to which walking and talking becomes a bit difficult. At times the brain functions may get lost and may never return. Also, there are cases wherein treating the symptoms helps to recover soon.

Preventing stroke and heart attack

There are some of the strategies that can help the patients to avoid or reduce the risk of having a heart attack. Below mentioned are a few tricks that can help you and it includes:

  • Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level and cholesterol
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Exercising most of the days
  • Eating a diet that contains the required amounts of essentials.

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