Health issues that are linked to erectile dysfunction

There is a strong connection of erectile dysfunction with other malady and hence one need to be careful with it. Often, men, those who have erectile dysfunction think that this happens due to age, but there are many other reasons which can have a negative effect on the erection of men. Yes, it is true that men who have erectile dysfunction are likely to have this issue due to age, but there are some men who have this problem during a younger age. Men those who have erection issues simply use online Generic Cialis and get back erection, but it is necessary that they do have an idea about the linked issues which leads to the erection problem.

Below mentioned are the disorder which is linked to erectile dysfunction

Stroke or heart attack

Erectile dysfunction is one of the first sign which usually occurs due to the blockage in the arteries and this is the reason at times behind a heart stroke or heart attack. As per the studies, it was concluded that at least 15% of men who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction do have a heart attack or stroke.  There are many studies that show a link between erectile dysfunction and heart disorder. If the arteries get blocked, then there are chances that your organs may get damaged and hence due to inadequate blood flow men are likely to have Impotence as well as stroke.

Coronary artery disease

This is a condition wherein the cholesterol and plaque collect in the arteries and this causes the arteries to become narrow and stiff.  This is one of the major reasons due to which men are likely to have a heart disorder. Coronary artery disease as can lead to stroke and heart attack, it also can lead to heart failure and irregular heartbeat. Men who have coronary artery disorder are likely to have erectile dysfunction and if such is the cases it is necessary that one does seek help from the health care provider.


Diabetes is one such disorder that seems to be small but has a negative impact on health. This disorder not only affects the blood flow in the man’s body but also does have an effect on the nerves. Men who have diabetes are four to six times more likely to have Impotence.

Prostate cancer

This disorder is a bit tricky as there this disorder itself doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction. The treatment that is used to cure erectile dysfunction such as radiation and surgery is the one that causes Impotence. When the prostate is removed the nerves get damaged and hence men do have issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Not only the above-mentioned disorder, but many other disorders may also occur, such as liver disorder which may occur if you have Impotence. This disorder does affect your health, but it is necessary that one does seek medical help to get such disorder treated. One needs to ensure that this disorder is being treated during the initial stage so that it doesn’t lead to any major problem.

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