Erectile dysfunction and different meds available to deal with this disorder

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects the erection in men. Most of the men are aware of this disorder, but they do hesitate to seek help. Men, those who neglect such disorder need to ensure that they do seek an appropriate med which helps to get the erection issues treated. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder wherein a man becomes unable to maintain or have an erection. When such disorder occurs, men are asked to buy anti-impotent pills which can help to get erection treated.

Below mentioned are few meds which are used by men to get the erection treated

Although most of the ED meds work in a similar way there are only certain changes in meds. The minor changes in the elements make the pills work in a different way and also the time is taken to show results may differ. Below are the meds which can be considered to get the Erectile dysfunction treated:

Sildenafil citrate or Viagra

Generic Viagra, Sildenafil citrate, Kamagra and Kamagra Oral Jelly online are the meds which are categorized under this category and these meds contain a similar element known as Sildenafil citrate in more or less proportion. This is the most known and used categorized med, which helps to get the erection treated. This med is to be used one hour before getting into sexual intimacy and stays active for four-six hours in the body. Men, those who have mild to moderate issues having an erection can make use of the Sildenafil pill and get erection treated.


This is also categorized under the ED med and most of the med such as online Generic Levitra contains Vardenafil as an active element. This med is to be used one hour before indulging in sexual intimacy and can be used with as well as without food.  Also, a high-fat meal should be kept the way so that the pill can easily get absorbed in the body and start its work. Men can simply make use of this med and it stays active for 4-5 hours. The new form of this med is to be kept on the tongue and this gets dissolved faster as compared to the pill than is being swallowed.


Men who do have an idea about when are they supposed to get into sexual intimacy can buy Generic Cialis and also this pill is known as a weekend pill. The reason behind the popularity of this Generic Cialis pill is it stays active for 36 hours and also it doesn’t require the stronger dose. As per the requirement, you can get the doses altered from health care providers and make use of this med to get back erection.

The above mentioned are the known categories that are used by men to get the erection treated. The above-categorized meds are FDA approved and hence can be used by men. Men concerning cost, easy to use the product, the lasting of the pill and side effects can choose the med and get the erection treated in an effective manner.

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