What can men do if the meds do not work?

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that affects the erection in men. This disorder causes the inability to achieve or maintain an erection to indulge in sexual intercourse. There is a number of remedies that are introduced and which can be used so that it can help men to get back the erection. Men have an end number of options and can use the meds which can help to treat this disorder. Meds such as Generic Viagra, online Kamagra oral jelly, Generic Cialis and many other meds have been introduced. But what if these meds do not work for you?

There are men who have a wrong understanding of the working of the ED meds. Also, it is necessary that men at least do use 7-8 doses of the meds to know the effective working of the pills. If the working of the pill frustrates you then you can consider the little things.

Give it time

The meds become effective only if they are used for more than one time. Anxiety can prove to be one of the issues but along with it effects also does play a role. Also, some health care providers ask men to make use of the meds for 7-8 times so that the effects can be experienced. Along with some positive effects, there are some withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced.

Change the dose

If you are unable to have an erection after the current dose of the pills then you need to use the higher dose of this med. As per the studies if 50mg dose did not work for men then 100mg dose did work and helped men to achieve the erection. Before one does alter the dose, seek a prescription from a health care provider and then change the dose of this med. Changing the dose can help men to get an improved erection.

Underlying medical conditions

At least 15% of men are unable to get the effective results of the meds due to having underlying conditions. Desire is one of the necessary elements which helps to kick off the events which can lead to an erection. If men do not have sexual desire, then it is not possible to get the erection. The reasons due to which desire may not be present are low testosterone, hormonal changes, and abnormal thyroid.

Hence men need to check the underlying conditions which can affect the erection in men.

Other options

The simplest and non-medication treatment is the use of the vacuum device. The vacuum is the option that helps men to get the erection. By creating a vacuum in the tube around the penis, the blood is forced in the penis and this causes the penis to swell. The ring which is placed doesn’t let the blood to drain when the vacuum tube is removed. The ring which is placed is to be removed after 30 minutes as this can help to prevent the damage caused to the penis.

But before you do make the use of the pump do make sure that you receive proper instruction from the health care providers. There are chances that this pump can damage the blood vessels in the penis which can even worsen the condition more.

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