The connection between heart disorder and Impotence

There is a strong connection between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart disorder. Men, those who have Erectile Dysfunction are at risk of having heart disorder. Having ED proves to be riskier and there are chances that men may have a disorder such as heart disorder. At a time, those men who have Impotence are at risk to have many other underlying conditions. Hence men who have a disorder such as Erectile Dysfunction are asked to online buy Generic Viagra and get the disorder treated effectively.

Erectile dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a disorder that has a negative effect on the sexual life of men. This disorder also has the ability to ruin the complete life of couples. Erectile dysfunction describes the inability to achieve or sustain an erection that is suitable to have sexual intercourse. This disorder, mostly does affect the men those who are senior. The conditions such as premature ejaculation, infertility, and low sex drive are not similar to erectile dysfunction, but this is the condition that is associated with impotence.

The seriousness of having Impotence

There are a number of men who have Impotence and at least 1 out of 10 men do have this disorder. Usually, most of the men do have occasional failure and this happens due to a variety of reasons such as consumption of alcohol or fatigue or smoking. But when these conditions are psychical or psychological one needs to get a diagnosis and then seek appropriate treatment to get this disorder treated.

If men do have a 20% failure to have an erection, then it is fine and there is rarely any need to have treatment. If men do have a 50% failure, then it means that there is a psychological or psychical problem and the patient requires medical treatment to get erection issues treated.

Is it the aging part?

No, Ed is not an aging part, but this is a disorder that may affect you with increasing age. It is true that older men require more stimulation to achieve an erection and as the blood flow after a certain age is not adequate men do face the problem of having an erection.

Causes of having Erectile Dysfunction

In order to achieve or maintain an erection, there are three conditions which must occur:
  • The nerves in the body must function properly
  • There must be a proper stimulus from the brain
  • The adequate amount of blood flow should be towards the penis.

The link between erectile dysfunction and Heart disorder

There is a strong reason due to which both this disorder is linked and several studies have found that having Impotence can increase the risk of disorder such as heart disorder. As per the studies, 57% of men do have to undergo bypass surgery and at least 64% of men are hospitalized due to heart attack and they are likely to have ED.

Those men who have Impotence may have a risk to develop heart disorder within five years and hence it is necessary that men must start the treatment to get Impotence treated. If you have been treating Impotence then there are chances that the risk of having heart disorder may decrease, but both this disorder should not be ignored and the right treatment should be sought.

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