Different ways to get an improved erection

When it comes to erectile dysfunction most of the men do have one solution, Generic Viagra pill. Even though meds such as Generic Viagra online are made available to the men there are times when these meds do not work and men only have to choose options. When men ignore the disorder such as Erectile Dysfunction during the initial stage he may be penalized with the advanced solution. Meds are the best option but when your disorder gets advanced, the advanced treatment too must be used.

Below given are the options which can help men get rid of the disorder such as Impotence

Generic Viagra and other meds

Those men who have erectile dysfunction at the initial stage are asked to make use of the meds. Meds such as Generic Viagra online and other Sildenafil Citrate pills can help men get the disorder treated effectively. These pills are approved by the FDA and help men to get the disorder treated effectively. Erectile Dysfunction if left untreated then can lead to other disorders. The meds which are used for treatment are best and work in a natural way to get the disorder treated. If the doses of the med do not work, then other remedies can be used to treat the disorder.

Penile injection

There are penile infections, which can be used by men to have an erection. These injections are directly injected into the penis and can be used by men who cannot use oral meds for treating the disorder. Certain side effects such as burning sensation and prolonged erection can be experienced by men, but this is also considered to be one of the effective methods to get the disorder treated. This is the treatment that can be used by men only if it is prescribed to you.

Vacuum pump

Can’t or don’t want to use ED meds for treatment? The vacuum pumps are the best option which can be used to get the disorder such as Erectile Dysfunction treated. To create the erection with the help of pumps one needs to place the plastic cylinder over the penis and pump the air out of the cylinder so that the blood flow is forced to the penis. The elastic ring which you do, hold onto the base of your penis helps to hold the erection. After using this vacuum device, it is possible to have some side effects such as numbness, bruising and weak ejaculation and ensure that you do remove the ring after 30 minutes.

Surgical implants

When all other methods fail, surgical implants are the only option that can be used by men. When you do have a neurological disorder or spinal cord issues and any other Erectile Dysfunction treatment is not effective for you then surgical implants are the only option that can be used. Two types of surgical implants can be used. The first one is an implantable pump that can be used manually and this creates an erection by pumping fluids into cylinders once they are placed inside the penis. The second option is a malleable prosthesis which works like a gooseneck lamp and gives direction to the penis while indulging in sexual intercourse. There are certain drawbacks of this method even but this can be only performed if your health care provider prescribes you.

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