Understanding Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence in detail

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder wherein men become unable to have a stable erection throughout sexual intimacy. Erectile dysfunction till a decade ago was considered to be the disorder in men those who are senior. Today in the modern world, it can also be observed in men those who are young. There are a number of reasons which provoke such a problem. However, when men do have such disorder a very string discomfort can be experienced and it becomes necessary that men do get these disorders treated effectively. Men can buy online Kamagra Oral Jelly and get this disorder treated, but it is necessary that they must have an understanding of this disorder.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction

There are never-ending causes of erectile dysfunction and hence when a man does have such disorder, it is guided that he is aware of the causes. There are a number of causes which result in Impotence. There are physical and psychological issues that can occur and lead to a disorder such as Impotence. Not only physical and psychological reasons do result in Impotence but the consumption of alcohol and smoke can also result in Impotence.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

When a man does have a disorder such as erectile dysfunction is always asked to seek help from the health care provider. Often men do believe that they do not have any major issue, but it is necessary that one must seek a proper diagnosis that can help men to get reliable treatment.

While you are being examined your health care provider may ask you certain questions. Also, men are asked that they do let the health care provider know if they use ant medicine for some other treatment. At times meds that are used for the treatment of disorder prove to be the reason due to which men may have erectile dysfunction.

Emotional stress, consumption of alcohol and smoking, and many other reasons do affect your erection and hence do answer the questions properly so that it can help you seek the right treatment.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Usually due to an adequate amount of blood flow towards the penile area men may have an erection. When men don’t have an erection that means the blood flow towards the penis is inadequate and men become unable to have an erection.

The symptoms which men can experience are
  • No erection during the sexual intimacy (rare)
  • Unable to maintain an erection while having sexual intimacy

Treatment of Erectile dysfunction

There are a number of treatments that can be used, but one needs to ensure that they are aware of the treatments. The treatments not only include meds, but also include pumps, injections, and surgeries which can help men get the disorder treated.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

When men do have erection issues, they first need to know the causes. If the causes such as consumption of alcohol, smoke, and stress, then you need to avoid the consumption of toxic stuff and for stress one practice meditation so that it can help to feel relieved. Above certain habits and changing, lifestyles can help to have improved erection.

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