Can watermelon help to treat erectile dysfunction?

Men do have mixed results when they have a disorder such as erectile dysfunction. This is a disorder that affects the erection in men. This disorder affects the complete sexual life of a person and at times does affect the confidence to perform in bed. Men whenever do have erectile dysfunction disorder are asked to buy Generic Cialis online med, which helps to treat the disorder. This med works effectively so that it can help the patient to get the disorder treated effectively.

Watermelon and Ed treatment

Watermelon is a natural source that provides Citrulline and this is an amino acid that supports the better erection in men.

The meds which is used for the treatment of impotence helps to increase the blood flow in the body. The meds allow men to get the erection easily when he is aroused. Similarly, Citrulline works and helps men to get the erection though Citrulline is different from the meds it helps men to get back the erection.

As per the searches, the Citrulline in the body works by first getting converted into an amino acid which is called Arginine. Arginine gets further converted into nitric oxide and this nitric oxide helps to increase the blood flow towards the penis and helps men improve and achieve an erection.

As the watermelon is rich in water, the highest concentration of Citrulline comes from the concentrated watermelon.

Men, those who wish to make use of natural remedies can use this med as the natural ED med to get the erection treated.

What does research regarding these studies say?

As per the studies, some men have seen improvement in the erection due to the consumption of watermelon. As it is very early to tak4e the decision regarding the consumption of watermelon, the researchers advise men give the watermelon remedy a try as this doesn’t cause any side effects. If men do have a problem due to damaged nerves then it is not possible to get the erection treated with the help of watermelon.

Risks and benefits of watermelon for erectile dysfunction

Unless men are allergic to watermelon even larger quantities of the consumption are safe. Men who have diabetes need to discuss the use of watermelon and if a health care provider suggests they can make safe use.

Though watermelon is low in calories, over-consumption of this fruit can lead to weight gain in a person.

There is no such search that describes the side effects caused due to the consumption of watermelon.

Men can increase the consumption of watermelon to increase the content of Citrulline in the body. One can make the smoothie or can consume as they prefer it. There are certain supplements which do increase the Citrulline in the body and they must be used only under the supervision of health care provider.


The ED meds are the safest method that helps to treat this disorder. For those who wish to avoid the use of the meds can simply make the use of the natural remedies which can help to treat the erection.

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