The facts about the erection changes in men post 50

There are several misunderstandings that are created regarding erection in men. Men require erection so that they can indulge in sexual intimacy and sometimes when the erection gets affected, it is not possible for men to have an erection. When such is a problem, men can make use of an online Kamagra Oral jelly pill and get back the erection. It is said that men’s erection issues start after the age of 50 but this is not so. Not every man faces the erection issue after the age of 50.

Following are the facts which one needs to know

Impotence means no erection from masturbation

As per the researcher's Impotence means men having the inability to achieve or maintain an erection which is not sufficient to bring the climax to sexual intimacy. If you do have a misunderstanding that the erection is what you see in movies than every man would have erectile dysfunction. In practical purpose, the erectile dysfunction means men are even unable to raise a semi-firm erection after masturbation.

ED is unavoidable

As per the researches, at least one-third of the people do suffer ED. Men from the age group of 65-85 years suffer Impotence and it is figured out that at least 44 percent of men do face this issue. This disorder cannot be avoided as this not only affects the man’s erection but have an effect on the overall health of men.

Most of the men do not have ED but have erection dissatisfaction

Around the age of 50, the erection in men changes.  In some men, the process is gradual whereas in some men it is quicker. Either way, when men become old, he may lose the ability to raise the erection and direct fondling the penis are the way that can help them. Even during this age the small distraction can hurt the erection and men directly jump into the conclusion of ED. If you still can raise an erection during masturbation then you do not have Impotence and it’s just erection dissatisfaction.

Erection dissatisfaction can enhance lovemaking

Young couples often do have a problem as they get aroused quickly as compared to females. You men get finished before the women are even aroused and due to this man are unable to match the erotic pace of the women. Post 50 the erection changes slowly in man and due to this, they can closely match woman’s erotic pace.  Due to the slower pace, more foreplay can be enjoyed and this is why it is said, erection dissatisfaction enhances lovemaking.

A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction

Erection completely depends on blood flow. Anything that increases ED risk is smoking, alcohol, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other health disorder. Even though men can buy Kamagra Oral Jelly to treat the disorder, certain habits must be been changed so that it becomes easy to reduce the risk of having ED.

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