Know the benefits of quitting smoking which helps improve Erection

Erectile dysfunction is a known disorder and this disorder is linked to a number of underlying conditions. Those men who are diagnosed with such a disorder at times can come across that this disorder occurs due to smoking. Smoking and impotence are linked as the nicotine in the cigarettes do not allow the easy flow. If there is any other condition which makes the men have ED issue, then one can simply buy Generic Cialis and get the disorder treated.

There is a time when everyone smokes, but during the initial period, the number of people does not realize the effect of smoking on the body.

As per the studies, the number of people who smoke has declined from 21% to 14%. People today are quitting smoking but it is not that easy. Smoking does have to affect health and also the person who does smoke has to pay the cost of feeding an addiction.

Change on the body due to smoking

Cigarettes are the one which is loaded with harmful chemicals and these chemicals do include arsenic, cadmium, tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine. These chemicals do cause damage to your body.

Smoking can cause

  • The decrease in the amount of oxygen which is carried by blood cells in the body
  • The increase in cholesterol deposited in the arteries
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disorder
  • The risk of having heart-stroke and heart attack
  • Increase in risk of having type 2 diabetes
  • Causes Erectile dysfunction
  • Worsens the condition of hearing and eyesight

This is a long list and doesn’t end here. There is also a certain psychological effect on the body. There are plenty of reasons why men are asked to quit smoking.

After quitting

After you quit smoking it helps you to reclaim your body and health.  There are a number of health benefits that can be experienced.

Within the first hour

  1. The heart rate of the person comes to a normal level
  2. Within the first day
  3. The oxygen level of the returns to normal after 8 hours of quitting smoking
  4. The amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the body is being reduced by half

Within the first three days:

  • After two days of quitting the nicotine completely leaves the body
  • Also, the carbon monoxide does leave the body
  • Mucus from the body begins to get cleared
  • Breathing becomes much easier
  • Also, there is an improvement in the ability to sense taste and smell

Within the first week

  1. Circulation in the body improves
  2. Lung functions get improved
  3. Risk of heart attack reduces

Within 3-9 months

  • Cilia in the body functions normally
  • the risk of having any infection also gets reduced
  • Coughing is decreased
  • You see improvement in erection
  • The function of lungs improves by 10%

Within the first year

  1. You may not feel as you have quit smoking. Instead, you may feel like a true non-smoker.
  2. The risk of having a heart disorder gets reduced by half.

Within five years

  • The risk of having a mouth, esophageal and bladder cancer cuts down
  • You start giving smokers dirty looks as nonsmokers do.

There are a number of benefits that can be experienced after one does quit smoking. Also, the quitting of smoke is the best method to have an improved erection.

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