How to get an erection easily and stay hard for a longer time?

To lead a healthy and fulfilling sex life, it is necessary that a man gets and maintains an erection which is essential for man. Unfortunately, always it is not possible for a man to get and stay hard. Every year, 10 million men do have to face some level of erectile dysfunction and this prevents them from enjoying a normal sexual life. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that occurs in men at any age and most of the men are affected due to this disorder at the age of 70. Also, at least 40% of men do get affected due to Impotence during a young age. Luckily, there are a number of options which are available and men can simply buy Generic Cialis and get the disorder treated effectively accompanied by following few remedies.

Following things can help men to last longer in bed and have harder erection

Change in diet and lifestyle

Before considering the meds, it is necessary that men do bring in some changes in lifestyle and the diet. The food that is consumed as well the exercises which are practiced can surprisingly affect your health and there are chances that you can experience the effect on your erection.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the important factors which are being linked with Impotence. Stress is the primary factor which does affect the performance of men in bed. When you are stressed a body goes through lots of changes and hormonal changes do have an effect on the erection of men.

Stress does have an effect on your body. It even affects your mental clarity and ability to think critically and due to this amount of stress, the erection in men gets affected.

Stop watching porn

Believe it or not, but watching porn can have a negative effect on your sexual performance. As per the studies, it was seen that the young and healthy men were unable to perform well and this is due to porn. This term is defined as pain-induced erectile dysfunction and does have a significant effect on younger men.

Porn induced ED occurs when a porn habit starts to interfere with other parts of the brain and due to this sexual stimulation gets affected as well this reduces the brain’s response to sexual stimulation.

Also, as per the studies, it was concluded that watching pornography is linked to both lower sexual satisfaction and lower erectile functions. People who watch porn are more likely to reduce the sexual sessions and this makes it difficult for them to maintain or get an erection.

Exercise regularly

Erections are all about the blood flow and it takes about six times the normal amount of blood so that it can help men have an easy erection. When the heart of a man is strong and healthy it becomes easier for men to get and maintain an erection.

Moderate to vigorous exercise for 30 minutes is more than enough which helps men to get back the erection smoothly. Also, men need to understand that there is no need for intensive exercise to have improved erection.

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