Treating Impotence after knowing the causes of the disorder

While a man does have erectile dysfunction, there are hundreds of reasons which can affect his erection. Erectile dysfunction is such a disorder which affects the erection in men and doesn’t let men have an erection. Men can simply opt to buy Generic Viagra which is the med helping men to have an erection. This is the trusted med that can be used to get rid of the disorder such as Impotence.

Following are few causes which result in Impotence in men


Sexual excitement starts in the head and then it works down and depression is such a cause that can affect your desire as well can lead to Erectile dysfunction. There are a number of meds which are being used by men to treat depression, but such meds too at times can suppress sexual drive and makes it harder to get an erection and this process can affect your orgasm. Hence it is necessary that while you have depression you need to deal with it so that it doesn’t affect your Impotence.


It is not easy to deal with day to day life issues and stress is being faced by everyone in daily life. There are a number of responsibilities which one has to deal with and this can at times cause stress in a person. Stress cannot take its toll on different parts of the body and even it does have its effect on the penis. By making certain changes in your lifestyle you can promote well being and relaxation.


Anger makes your blood rush to your face, but not to the place where it can help you have sex. It is not easy to feel romantic when you are raging and this creates a problem and due to this man become unable to have an erection. At times expressed anger contributes a lot to the performance problem in bed.


Once or twice when men are unable to perform well in bed, they do have a fear of it. Anxiety can create a problem even in your bedroom.  All this worry regarding intimacy and this can affect spiral into a vicious cycle and can strain your sexual life.

Low libido

Low libido is not similar to Impotence but there are lots of factors which do affect your erection and can also affect your interest in sex. Low-self-esteem, anxiety, stress and certain med can hence negatively effect on your sexual drive. When all those worries are tied up it can decrease your ability to have an interest in sex.

Now only this depression, meds, and relationship problems are also the causes that do hurt erection. Treating this disorder with the help of med is one of the best methods, but one must have an idea about the causes which can hurt the erection of men. At times combining the meds as well, natural remedies can help men get this disorder treated effectively. This disorder can affect the erection in men and hence one must get the disorder treated with an effective remedy.

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